Monday, May 5, 2014

Lawless Constitution - Something Called Democracy

[UPDATE Below]

Chris Williams lives in Fortuna and is one of a rare few that actually "gets it." His letter to the Times-Standard Editors is neat, clean, simple to understand, and right on the subject issue. He defines the real war raging within America today. The battle lines are drawn between the law abiding, those that believe in, support and defend the rule of law, versus the corrupt lawless Anarchists that believe they are the Law. Democracy is reduced to mob rule, guilt by accusation and mass anarchy. No one is held responsible for breaking the law and NEVER held accountable for undisputed and admit gross crimes. (Times-Standard Letter to the Editor, May 2, 2014)

 Here is his letter:

First they came for Donald Sterling ...

We must remember that freedom of speech is a right guaranteed to us by our Constitution, and that includes all speech, even if offensive, inaccurate, unpopular or just plain dumb. But, with political correctness running amok in our society today, racist or rude comments, even uttered privately, are now grounds for public condemnation, expulsion, job loss, or more. 
We may all deplore the comments made by Donald Sterling, L.A. Clippers' owner, but he's been unfairly found guilty in the court of public opinion, thanks to selective media outrage. Sterling's alleged words, taped illegally by a vengeful girlfriend in the privacy of his own home, are likely inadmissible in a court of law because secret taping of conversations is illegal in California, yet he's already been tried and convicted by sensation-seeking media and an uninformed public, both eager to rush to judgment. 
The NBA commissioner also over-reacted by banning Sterling for life, imposing a hefty fine, and illegally confiscating his team, as words alone are not legal grounds for confiscating private property. 
That many Americans condone these actions shows a dangerous misunderstanding of our founding principles. Freedom of speech means no one is punished for expressing negative opinions, critical comments, racial slurs, or for just being a jerk. 
We all have the right to freedom of speech, private property, privacy, non-self-incrimination and more, but all of our rights derive from a strongly defended Constitution, which is specifically what makes us free citizens and not enslaved subjects. [Emphasis mine.]
Chris Williams
Currently no one in the U.S. is "strongly defending the Constitution." They may believe they are, but that perception is only a hazy illusion. Everyone believes they have the god-given right to interpret the Law as they see fit - for their own self-interests. Then they go off and do whatever they damned well want to do. And then, Lord have mercy on the poor bastard that dares say anything. You're lucky to get away with your life.

Have a minor problem with your neighbor, call him or her on the telephone or speak to them over the fence, even though you try to keep the conversation civil and decent and the next thing you know you've got two, three even four EPD officers at your door threatening you with all kinds of mayhem for threatening your neighbor or some other such action. Does you no good to deny any such action or statements took place. You called them or spoke to them and that's all they need to know. "Do it again and your ass goes to jail," simple as that. So, tell me how do you work out your, now rather extensive problems with your neighbor? You don't dare say anything. If you do, they use it against you, even if you didn't say anything of the sort to start with. You are in a virtual state of war whether you want to be or not.

So, how often do you actually stop and red lights and stop signs?


[UPDATE :: May 6, 2014] - Gangster State America - Where is America’s Democracy?
"Anyone who looks carefully behind the veil of words cannot find democracy in America. For years I have been writing that the US government is no longer accountable to law or to the people (see, for example, my book, How America Was Lost).  The Constitution has been set aside, and the executive branch is degenerating into Caesarism."

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