Monday, May 12, 2014

Eric Kirk and His Brownshirts

Most of these so-called community oriented blogs are nothing more than a conduit for the inane, dregs of society to puke out mountains of hyperbolic vitriol, lies and violent hate speech. They personally attack other commenters with such a frenzy you would believe you had just walked into a barnyard  full of chickens going after a cockroach. These people, for the most part cowardly, thug bullies, try to cover themselves with a fig leaf of the first amendment to justify their primary objective of fomenting, enabling and empowering prejudice, bigotry, racism, hate, violence and yes, even terrorism. If these offending blogs actually post visible and obvious comment rules, most don't, they are never enforced upon the worst offenders; those that support the blog's owners, their objectives, and their standard class and political dictum.

As noted before, blogs are a good measure of a community's social health. You get mostly unfettered articles on subjects that interest the blog owner and often enough, a whole panoply of commentary from visitors that sets the community tone - from the mundane nonsense, racist, bigoted, biased, prejudiced, moronic, ignorant, stupid, baseless, filthy lies, innuendo, false accusations and other hate-filled and mongering blather, ad hominem, and hyperbole to enlightening, inspirational, intelligent, commonsense instructional, current news and otherwise fun reading. Occasionally, you get a replica of what if feels like to live in a totalitarian, authoritarian fascist Elitist State when you visit one of these blogs and make a comment. The Nazi Brownshirts that possess an IQ of a pig come out in droves fully blessed and empowered by the Blog owner and moderator to attack and verbally assault, bully and ridicule. All the time proclaiming their right as a free American to wage verbal warfare on the unsuspecting visitor. They wait with baited breath for you to try to defend yourself so they can justify their "right" to assault you as a hate mongering Troll.

Like most houses of ill repute, they look nice on the outside, are inviting and full of promises, the beauty they offer is breathtaking, but deliver a slow death. That is why they cater to the intellectually adolescent, the brainwashed 5 year old, full of feel-good propaganda that only knows what they believe. Consequently, they are incapable and unable to accept or handle the truth. To them, truth becomes hate speech. As such, truth directly threatens their sense of self, who they believe they are - as revealed, bankrupt, worthless opinions.

When I start the Joe Blow Report I determined to be inclusive and list all the local blogs. My interest in Southern Humboldt garnered me an introduction to Eric Kirk and his SoHum Parlance II. Occasionally, he would introduce a subject of interest and I would comment on an observation or two. The end result, well -- his latest comment pretty much says it all -- his true feelings about me and my commentary.
Actually Joe, what I noticed is that when the threads were no longer perpetually dominated by nonsensical posts from you, Forest Queen, and Suzi, participation from everyone else actually picked up. [Emphasis mine.]
But that wasn't all. He runs an open blog, everyone can comment on anything they want and as much as they want. He posts NO rules or restrictions; from time to time he says he knows what he doesn't like when he sees it, and deletes the comment -- so ultimately, commenting on his blog is like going into court and having a  judge tell you, "Make your best case and I'll decide which laws apply, if any." No way to defend yourself there; it's all about the judge's self-serving worthless opinions.

He says the "threads were no longer perpetually dominated by nonsensical posts." I would encourage the reader to go to his blog and look at the mountain of "nonsensical blog posts" under, All Things Reconsidered on KMUD Tonight – “What can change your mind? that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the theme that he actively participates in. OH Yeah! There are at current time 437 comments - mostly "nonsensical" by his judgment and past interpretations.

It seems he doesn't run such an "open" blog after all. To impress everyone who is boss of his blog, without a word despite what he says now, he banned Forest Queen some time ago. When he did that he never said anything about moderating Suzy or my comments. I stopped making comments after reading his personal and insulting comments justifying his arbitrary behavior. Speaking for myself, I'm not a grammar school child in Eric Kirk's school for ignorant morons. Recently, different commenters have been asking about Forest Queen and why she can't return to make comments. Eric Kirk explains why she can't:
Forest Queen was banned because I received about half a dozen complaints from people telling me offline that they no longer come here because she dominates every thread and dilutes every discussion with incoherent nonsense, apparently just for kicks. I gave several warnings. 
The last straw was a thread in which there had been a very interesting discussion which dissolved when she made about 7 or 9 straight nonsensical posts – the discussion was dead. 
I don’t actually remember anything she posted about law. I’m sure she did, but nothing that struck me as anything intellectually memorable. 
There are plenty of other blogs for her to play her games on. She can start her own. [Emphasis mine.]
I would like to point out that his justification is totally bogus, without basis. No one can "dominate" any thread or dilute any "discussion," with what he judges to be "incoherent nonsense," not unless you are an illiterate moron. Besides, to a five year old almost everything adults talk about is "incoherent nonsense."

When Suzy posted a comment on the above reasons, I decided to test him and see if he had banned me from commenting too. This is what I got when I posted the following comment:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
After blocking Forest Queen my tolerance for Eric Kirk’s in-your-face hypocrisy and his unAmerican supporters’ hyperbolic justification tanked. Promised myself if ever had anything to say I’d publish on my own blog, but this is unreal. Whatever Eric Kirk thought to do and now justify is really amusing, not to mention so ever satisfying to witness his exposure. You shit in your own bed Kirk and don’t even know it. 
Has anyone bothered to take a look the the extent of this blog thread (alone), as of this writing 421 comments, with its extensive, “dominating and diluting” massive blather, “with incoherent nonsense,” and compare it with Eric Kirk’s reasons for banning (censoring Forest Queen)? While at the same time promoting himself as a champion patriot, defending the rights and freedoms consistent with or to a democratic society. You couldn't ask for a more perfect example of a “dead thread” totally unrelated to the original blog posting. Talk about rank, rotten hypocrisy – the stench permeates my offices so bad I had to turn off the computer. 
What goes around always comes around,” Kirk, and that is the real reason people stopped associating with you. You, actually, did us all a favor, in particular Forest Queen.
Interestingly, even though I am not outright banned, Eric DID post this comment with his answer, AFTER MODERATION:
Actually Joe, what I noticed is that when the threads were no longer perpetually dominated by nonsensical posts from you, Forest Queen, and Suzi, participation from everyone else actually picked up.
Notice how he doesn't answer the issue of the hypocritical monumental blog stacking nonsensical posts - his rank hypocrisy. Typical of the weasley sleaze he goes right after my integrity. The question I ask is, who is proven to perpetually dominate his bog with nonsensical posts now? The stupid, inane commentary boiling out of his blog now rivals all comments ever made by Forest Queen, Suzy or me.

Be assured, SoHum Parlance II is NOT the only blog in Humboldt County to act this way. The Brownshirt movement is rather extensive. They threaten everything decent, honest and lawful people hold dear. This class of people are at war with the decent, the generous, the knowledgeable and the law abiding champions of truth, justice and the right to self-defense. They pose a real and abiding threat to our survival, as a nation, as a people and as a community.  While they live in relative obscurity on blogs and on the Internet, they live among us as they constantly project and enforce their evil will.

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