Thursday, July 31, 2014

Eric Kirk and His Brownshirts Strike Again

[UPDATE :: Saturday, Aug. 2, 2014] -- Israel: A cornered rat
"The rats in Israel have their backs to the wall. They are cornered, and they know it. And as they blindly lash out in useless fury by mass-murdering ever-increasing numbers of helpless women and children, they are simply hastening their own inevitable demise."

Here is, in the comments below, a clear-cut example of racist, fascist bigotry of the infected deadly propaganda puking Brownshirts spewing their diseased sociopathic insanity on everyone. Just don't say anything negative about their Holy Jew. That will get your throat cut in a heartbeat. What Eric Kirk and Mitch et. al. don't realize is that this situation has gone way too far for any peaceful, "negotiated" resolution. Their rotten corrupt way of thinking and believing has already judged and killed them. They are like the cancer-ridden person that is two weeks from dying and doesn't know it. Talking won't save them and their Brownshirt scum. Nor will it save the Jews.

Gaza UN shelter attack ‘totally unacceptable’ – White House
Mitch: It has always struck me as remarkable that this situation has continued to exist throughout my lifetime. The willingness of so many Jew-hating idiots on the left to view Israel as an aggressor, given the history, is just proof of the depth with which Jew-hating is embedded in the “Christian” west.
Mitch, you and Eric and all our local Zionist yahoos, are moral cretins, all of you blind to fascism when it’s done by Jews. Wake up, You’re the idiot promoter of Zionist racist assholes stealing Palestinian land and genociding its people. The Christians in the Holy Land are the only ones acting with moral sense and they are attacked by your gang of fascist Jewish nazis as well as the Muhammadan nazis. You dare to throw out that passe smear of Christianity when your, our people are the ones behaving like mad dog rabid animals unable to stop killing even when the victims are clearly innocent people. You and Eric are dangers to Humboldt County activism as you lack both intelligence and morality when it comes to sharing information with the community. Please stop promoting religious fascism along with Eric by supporting the censorship of anti-Zionist posts and by promoting Zionist killer ape ideology.

Folks, we have a real situation in America where a real 5th Column exists serving a foreign fascist nation at America’s financial and moral expense. Please recognize Zionists in our midst who are representing Israel’s interests so that Israel can get away with literal murder of Palestinians in the way of their hideous racist goal of removing all Gentile Palestinians from Palestine to remake it Jewish, i.e. Yiddish Khazarian Kingdom planted in the Middle East and Americans are paying for it’s establishment and its Zionist killer apes at the helm of Israeli government.

I decided to let a couple of Stephen’s posts through. I’ve blocked all of his previous rants. Hoping it’ll give a few progressives pause to think about their own rhetoric on the issue.

Yeah, Eric, I once tried that, too. It didn’t work out well.

To all you hypocrites.
"HENRY SIEGMAN: But a more important point to be made here—and this is why these distinctions are so dishonest—the state of Israel does not recognize a Palestinian state, which is to say there are parties in Netanyahu’s government—very important parties, not marginal parties—including his own, the Likud, that to this day has an official platform that does not recognize the right of Palestinians to have a state anywhere in Palestine. And, of course, you have Naftali Bennett’s party, the HaBayit HaYehudi, which says this openly, that there will never be a state, a Palestinian state, anywhere in Palestine. Why hasn’t our government or anyone said, "Like Hamas, if you have parties like that in your government, you are not a peace partner, and you are a terrorist group, if in fact you use violence to implement your policy, as Hamas does"? So the hypocrisy in the discussion that is taking place publicly is just mind-boggling."
The complete interview on Democracy Now is in two parts, here and here.

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  1. The language is the issue...plain & simple.

    The Children of Israel are not the present day "Proselytes" to
    Talmudic Judaism.

    Truth doesn't go away on account of defective language....