Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Ebola-like Plague that is America

America is a plague infected country hemorrhaging putrid, dead blood from within and without. When the World realizes that America is the real corporal contagion and how deadly it is to man's survival upon this Earth, America will be totally quarantined into complete isolation. By that time the same disease will have already killed the evil Jews and their Zionist State, Israel. Sadly, however, one of the most prolific contagions that poses the greatest threat is a rotting corpse. Here are the origins of this disease and how this deadly disease manifests itself in American society:
In the Middle East, the Palestinian people find themselves in the grip of a terrorist group that has embarked on a strategy to get its own children killed in order to build sympathy for its cause - a strategy that might actually be working, at least in some quarters. 
Last week, I found a quote of many years ago by Golda Meir, one of Israel's early leaders, which might have been said yesterday. 
"We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children," she said. "But we can never forgive them for forcing us to kill their children." [Emphasis mine]
These are the words of Bob Schieffer, "CBS' host of Face the Nation as he ended his show's broadcast with a monologue about the 'world gone mad,' in which he quoted Golda Meir and Will Durant." The rest of his "madness" is here. These are the words of the most rotten, despotic, corrupt and sick insane thinking imaginable. Not only is this statement a filthy lie it degrades the Palestinian people beyond any possibility of recognized human value.

Another demonstration of the disease and why Israel is already a rotting corpse:  Child-killing sociopaths of Israel:
Every time Israel embarks on a new round of wholesale slaughter in Gaza, polls show that more than 90% of Israelis support the butchery. 
For Israelis, mass-murdering children is a spectator sport. When the IDF starts dropping cluster bombs, white phosphorous, DIME munitions and other horrendous weapons on Gaza, crowds of Israelis pack the hilltops to barbecue meat, drink alcohol and cheer as they watch Palestinian children being blown to bits.
 The article continues...

This fatal sociopathic disease is further defined by Glenn Greenwald, "Terrorism in the Israeli Attack on Gaza" Glenn says in part:
In American media discourse, when Palestinians overwhelmingly kill soldiers (95% of the Israeli death toll) who are part of an army that is blockading, occupying, invading, and indiscriminately bombing them and killing their children by the hundreds, that is “terrorism”; when Israelis use massive, brutal force against a trapped civilian population, overwhelmingly killing innocent men, women and children (at least 75% of the Palestinian death toll), with clear intentions to kill civilians, that is noble “self-defense.”
And if you need anymore putrid infected blood defining this sickness, just listen to Barack Obama and John Kerry explain why only Israel has the legitimate right to defend itself. But, Obama, Kerry and Netanyahu only represent the people and in a Democratic system, the people are ultimately responsible.

And then there are the sick people. It isn't just the American and Israeli governments that puke out this sociopathic death. In this Washington Post article, Israelis support Netanyahu and Gaza war, despite rising deaths on both sides, "87% of the Jewish Israelis support continuing the Gaza operation. A survey by the Israel Democracy Institute found that 95 percent of Israeli Jews think the operation in Gaza is just..."

And then there is the U.S. support:
U.S. lawmakers falling over themselves to throw full support behind Israel 
"While much of the rest of the world watches the Gaza war in horror and scrambles for a cease-fire, U.S. lawmakers are pressing the Obama administration to take no action that puts pressure on Israel to halt its military operations."

The American people according to CNN: New poll finds American support for Israel slipping in wake of military actions in Gaza

Then there is the local reality demonstrated by the Brownshirt Blogs. Awhile back I wrote about how these blogs and their supporters contribute to the growing fascism and racism affecting everyone locally. A good example is apathy and denial for any personal responsibility expressed in Eric Kirk's, Mideast Crisis Discussion on Thursday Night Talk this Week - For example, he starts out by saying: "It’s kind of hard to discuss the matter dispassionately as body parts are flying all over the Gaza, but we’ll make the effort." And: "Undisputed is the fact that Gazans are being killed by a hundred for every Israeli killed." And concludes with this brilliant zinger: "But I’m not going to get into a discussion of which side is more or less morally culpable."

The de facto reality defines who is "morally culpable," but he's too gutless to confront issues of morality and decency. He can tell you who is the substandard human and effectively frame the issue by inferring who is morally culpable - Oh yeah, and at the same time, he can tell you all about what the Universe thinks. Even so, he does take on the issue, which is more than most. Read what he says in the comment section and you will easily see and understand how he defines himself. He, as usual, is totally ignorant of what the war is all about and why and what people are dying for. Actually, he might get a hint if he ever understood what he and I are about - it's the same issue. Like the Jews, it is a war he already lost and is either too stupid or too sick to know it - yet.

I wonder how Kirk would act if his family was bottled up in his home with nowhere to run for protection because the local political leaders he voted into office "got a grip on him" and he was forced to wait for that retributive drone missile or bomb to blow his wife and children all to hell - "with (their) body parts flying all over" Humboldt County?

Bob Schieffer and Eric Kirk --Therein lies the rot - the deadly sociopathic Ebola-like disease.

[UPDATE]  Spreading the disease - The rot in all it's glorious Brownshirt corruption:

And, as I might add Andrew Stunich, in his own words, a prime example of a sick Ebola infected sociopath, here and here with Eric Kirk. Including now, the other Brownshirt Erasmus.

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