Thursday, September 11, 2014

Eureka Police Go After Children

[UPDATE Below :: Local EPD officers too stupid to understand Municipal Code.]

The new police chief works to tighten the screws on his police state policies by attacking our bicycle riding youth.

On Tuesday, September 9, 2014, the Times-Standard headline reports: Chief peddles tougher bike laws - Transportation Safety Commission to hear proposed ordinance.

No riding bicycles on  any sidewalks and increase penalties for disobeying traffic laws while riding a bike is his idea for reducing accidents and to make it more manageable for the police to monitor bike riders. [Emphasis mine.] They might try monitoring stop sign compliance for motor vehicles first. Then when they show us that they can enforce existing laws, maybe there wouldn't be such an issue with bike riders safety.

When the EPD is unable to enforce existing traffic laws, something positive that WOULD reduce traffic accident, this effort is just another ruse to enforce the militarization of "stop and frisk" policing on our youth. The EPD operate right now without any legitimate authority to effect an arrest without first getting the individual to agree by surrendering. Couple that with the fact that they operate in a nearly total state of paranoia, where they are, most of the time, scared crapless.

Considering the danger the average person experiences in any encounter with the police, do you want your young children faced with these kinds of violent confrontations? And it is a violent confrontation when they can confiscate the childs bicycles for not doing what they are told. I don't see the benefit of treating grammar school children as criminals, other than assault their self-worth and legitimate individuality.

When I was a kid my parents lived in the country and came into Eureka once a month for shopping. We always visited my grandparents after they were finished with business. I was eight or nine years old when I found a bicycle in the basement. After that, I spent the rest of those afternoons exploring Eureka. I went everywhere and NEVER worried about doing something that would attract a police officer. I don't ever remember having a bad encounter with a motor vehicle or a pedestrian. That problem only occurred when I graduated to riding motorcycle. Even then I didn't worry that the CHP officer was a scared silly paranoid just jerking me around to make sure I knew my place like they regularly did to the Hell's Angels.

It's a sad day the Eureka Police Chief believes such laws are necessary for the betterment of the City of Eureka. We really need to leave the Islamic State and their way of thinking to their own devises where they originated.

Here are some pro's and con's on bike riding on sidewalks I found with the picture at the Bike to Work Blog.

[UPDATE Saturday, September 13, 2014]
Apparently, one of those Tuluwaa crybabies attended Police Chief Andy Mills presentation (request) for new law at the Traffic Safety Committee. They have some very interesting and relevant observations, one in particular that caught my eye:
"In his presentation Mills went on to say that the Municipal Code was too complicated for patrol officers to memorize or understand, so the new law regarding outlawing all sidewalk bicycle riding was necessary." [Emphasis mine.]
 If what he said is true, then this is very serious and disturbing. If these cops are too stupid to understand the LAWS (code) they are enforcing then t hey are clearly unfit to be carrying a badge and packing a gun - licensed and authorized to kill civilians. The solution is clear, get rid of the stupid cops, which is probably the most safe and prudent solution, or simply the Municipal Code.

My question, however, is what about the children from 5 to 15? Are they, today, supposed to learn and understand the "Municipal Code" to legally ride bicycles in this city? Yet, I see fathers taking their 6 to 10 year old children out riding bikes, on sidewalks and off; right up the middle of the street in my neighborhood all the time. They are a danger to themselves and to the motor vehicles try to navigate by them.

It seems to me that if the Motor Vehicle Code and the City Municipal Code applies to all bike riders regardless of their age, then underage bike riders are legally prohibited from riding on city streets. What is next, licencing all bike riders whatever their age.

At least someone at the Tuluwat Examiner had the necessary gumption to attend Chief Mills presentation and report on it. Good job. Chief Andrew Mills, apparently in his own words, exposed the sickness infecting the Eureka Police Department. I'd say, once exposed, this sickness infects far more than just the EPD.

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