Saturday, September 20, 2014

Where Is the OUTRAGE?

What's the matter with the people in Eureka? Do you not see what you are doing to this community by cowing to this idea that the police have the right, no questions asked? What about the new District Attorney?

I was always proud to be born and raised in Eureka and Humboldt County - Now I'm just ashamed.

[UPDATE II : Thursday, September 25]
Another blas√© statement from the Tuluwa Examiner surfaced this morning. Mostly a political whitewash of the boy's murder. Of interest, among other things, is their suggesting the "need" for a citizen's review board. No suggestion as to how to get one, though. No mention of any concerns for a criminal indictment or anything relevant from the District Attorney's office or why not. Still, worth a read. And don't forget to read the comments. They'll give you a hint why the people of Eureka are not outraged at the threat we are all subjected to if these killers are treated with impunity. It isn't just the wanton killing of the boy that is the crime. As bad as that is, it is the in-your-face threat we are all facing. When some scared shitless paranoid cop sticks a gun in your face the time for talking is over.

By the way, after posting the above Update, I read the North Coast Journal article: "Officer Involved - Inside EPD's Protocol" by Thadeus Greenson. Greenson's articles in the past, as observed here multiple times, were often contradictory and conflicting and always biased for the police. The Tuluwa posting is, either way, pretty much a knockoff of what the Journal said. This idea that these so-called community blogs keep pumping out that we need to be patient for justice is a betrayal of their trust. Justice demands transparency and urgent and timely truth-telling by everyone involved. In a Democracy, the people have legal right to know the truth. Anything else is a coverup and a whitewash. Enforce the law.

Here it is, four days after the Eureka Police shot and killed 22 year old Thomas McClain, and absolutely NOTHING!

Did Thomas McClain need to be black before anyone gets angry? Are black people the only ones in this country that have a decent heart? Are black people the only ones with any kind of moral clarity? Are black people the only ones with any kind of integrity, and love for the law?

I checked the Times-Standard newspaper and its Letter to the Editors, nothing but nominal bullshit. I checked the local blogs, starting with the wannabe community leader in all things moral and ethical in Eureka, the Tuluwaa Waa Crybaby. Their first blog was a total capitulation. Then today they posted this, MILLS: “THERE WAS A GUN RECOVERED. I DON’T WANT TO GET INTO WHERE……”(TILL WE GET OUR STORY STRAIGHT)

This is how they start the post:
On Wednesday, we urged readers to be cautious before jumping to conclusions regarding the young man who was shot to death by a Eureka Police Officer.  In trying to be fair and objective, we asked readers to wait for more facts before making judgements about the tragedy.  At that time, all we had was a press release which was very short on details.  The release basically stated that the police had been looking for warrant suspects in the area, saw two people arguing, one of which “appeared” to have a gun.  Officers supposedly gave commands, and the victim reached for the apparent gun and was shot to death by an officer.
"All they had was the police press release" which is to say all they had is the POLICE VERSION. This is how they end their article posted today, Saturday, September 20, 2012, four days since the incident:
The fact that a young man was gunned down by police while standing in his own front yard, and that there was no call for the police to be there is nothing less than completely heartbreaking.
While this article: MILLS: “THERE WAS A GUN RECOVERED. I DON’T WANT TO GET INTO WHERE……”(TILL WE GET OUR STORY STRAIGHT) raises some valid points and is well worth reading and our graciously linking it to our blog, there is not a hint of outrage. "Completely heartbreaking" they say? Do they know that considering the points they make that the people of Eureka CANNOT tolerate such a police department! These people are a cancer that physically threatens every living citizen in this town and every other person that comes here to visit.

One more point regarding the Tuluwat Examiner commentary:
The fact that Mills hasn’t disputed the claims about whether the victim was holding a cell phone or a gun is very telling about his leadership, which harkens back to the bad old days of EPD.
Very telling about his "leadership"? What it is telling about" is his capacity to tell the TRUTH. The "bad old days of EPD" has to do with mealy-mouthed, lying and thug bullying by Merl Harpham. That's what Andrew Mills is exposing.

Then there is the Lost Coast Outpost: The Death of Tommy McClain: What Happened in Wednesday's Officer-Involved Shooting by Kym Kemp - NOTHING! No outrage from her. Absolutely PATHETIC. From an informational point of view, well worth reading, though except for this:
A neighbor who wishes to remain anonymous disagreed. In an interview today the individual said, “I did see an object in his hand.” The individual did not want to describe the situation further except to say, “I feel that the level of force used was justified. It was a clear threat to the officer’s life. I feel it was unfortunate. But it was fortunate that no others were injured.”
This person is sick. First, the "anonymous" person's opinion is totally worthless and should NEVER be included as if it has some validity. Second "an object in a person's hand does NOT constitute a "clear threat to the officers (apparently four (4) officers) lives. That person's statement is totally ludicrous and demonstrates Kym Kemp's propensity as an avid apologist; a bigoted and biased supporter of all things police.

All other blogs, not even a mention. Check out the comments section of the different blogs and you won't find any outrage there either.

The lives of the people of Eureka, Kym Kemp lives on Salmon Creek Road in Southern Humboldt, hang on the good wishes of scared shitless paranoid police officer feelings of personal threat. As far as I am concerned every last one of them deserves what they get.


[UPDATE Wednesday, 24, 2014]

Here's a Facebook link I found: Justice For Tommy McClain - A good place for expressing yourself. Unfortunately, their About Page says:
On 9/17/14 at 12:30am a precious life was taken due to a Eureka Police Officer making the wrong call. EPD needs to know they did wrong. RIP Tommy ♥
The emphasis is mine to point out the subtly of buying into the brainwashed propaganda that is a lie. Those officers did NOT make a "wrong call." They did not just do a "wrong," they committed a crime - they shot that boy down like a dog. He was dead no matter what he did. In their minds he was armed with a gun, a gun they say was only verified when they confronted him at the point of a gun and that's all they need to justify their violent confrontation. They made NO "wrong call." Such a confrontation could happen to anyone of us in this town. Time to accept the reality of our situation in this town. Then you can start talking about justice.

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  1. curiously, and this will happen much sooner than later,
    the so-called "Police" the enforcers of Talmudic "Policy",
    will be sacrificed on the alter of .....wait for it....

    "political expediency"....

    just as all the PTSD ...."ZOG" soldiers who commit
    {mass} suicide...

    sad but true

    and it is just one of the consequences for
    "Jew" worshipping in front of the
    24/7/365 !!!

    maybe if they went into the Synagogue of Satan and recited the Kol Nidre
    they would be able to enjoy the fruits of the BAD FAITH religion...