Monday, November 3, 2014


Vote Your Heart Out – Fool

Tomorrow, if not already, all patriotic, community-minded, citizens will be voting in the misguided belief that they are having their say in running this country, thus proving to everyone how valuable they are as Americans and as individuals. They honestly believe that their vote makes a difference; that they make a difference. Yet, year after year, millions of American voters deliberately vote directly against their own self interests. They consistently vote in and retain the most corrupt, amoral, gangster thugs, liars, mass murderers, psychotic, insane, deluded, morons in this country. And I am not just talking about Republicans.

The question, is that a difference or a choice between the offered and predetermined Democrat, Republican, Independent or some other? Did the voter have any say in the selection of these “offered” people or are they just selecting between one corrupt politician and another that's been given them by the real people in power?

Then there is the large battery of laws or propositions offered, everything from A-Z, and One to ... Q, Z or P! Pick your number or letter, for what it's worth. Like LAW means something in this town or this country anymore? Just look at the Eureka Police Department and its new police chief, what's changed for the better? Then there is a new District Attorney - "Fleming spent 25 years as a Deputy District Attorney and has served as the Deputy County Counsel the last two years." What's that tell you? Hear anything from her lately on the police killing of Tommy McClain? No. I didn't think so.

For over six weeks I've looked to see if anyone had the courage to post something, anything, on the local blogs about the killing of Tommy McClain and the total lack of any accountability. I've looked for comment from those running for local office or reelection – Nothing. I've looked for comments or questions from anyone – Nothing. I've looked in the local papers for any outrage that no one has enforced an independent, neutral legal accounting – Nothing. Fact is, there is never anything about LAW – What's the big deal? All those cops did was make a justifiable “mistake.” Just a little boo boo is all. What's the big deal? So, some kid got shot down like a dog for nothing - so what? Can't have the LAW get in the way of or interfere with all the bullshit election propaganda.

I almost forgot, there is the Facebook page “Justice for Tommy McClain.” There are comments by the page author that make my ass ache, e.g., “On October 30: “Mystakes are made but not lies! Tommy is not the person officer mills claimed him to sound like. He did ...” And that is just one example. Plus in this day of built-in spell checkers and online dictionaries, typing this is inexcusable: “Mystakes” and tends to reduce the overall value and importance of the person killed, the page's message and intent as reflected in the nearly 2,500 “Likes.”

Just when time was about to run out before the elections the North Coast Journal posts this letter in their paper, where I also found it online: “Public Safety Funding?” This benign piece of milk toast is better than nothing, but shows the writers first priority - the election. Nothing about lack of or intent to enforce the law or to hold any elected official accountable. At least someone, one person, had the courage to write something about Tommy McClain - points well taken.

Then there is this:
"In 2011, he (Kansas Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach) began promoting a digital name-matching program used to scan electoral records and flag anyone whose name appears on the voter rolls in more than one state. It’s called Crosscheck. And across the country, 27 states are using it to investigate possible voter fraud. Among them, 22 have an election board controlled by Republicans." Jim Crow Returns: Interstate "Crosscheck" Program Could Strip Millions of the Right to Vote - on Democracy Now.
So, there you are Voter. Your vote is about as worthless as you are.


  1. Ahhh come on,Joe!
    It's Homcoming Queen Time once again,you know what time it it?

    2 Snooty Homecoming Queens who boyfriends have rich Powerful Jewish Mommies.

    Soo let the people have their Stupid High School Moment!!!


    It's the only thing they ever thought they had a saying in,that's is rekindling any High School Mirages.

  2. Reminds me of the Twilight Zone, yeah I know. I had to post something.