Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Diseased Face of Impunity

While these people celebrate, the city of Eureka dies. For Police Chief Andrew Mills to promote Brian Stephens to Captain in full justification of his blatant statement to this community that "early findings of the investigation revealed McClain had reached for a replica handgun in his waistband and Linfoot was justified in firing his weapon" is as foul an obscenity as there ever was. All I can say, is every citizen of Eureka will be sorry for the day they ever heard of Andrew Mills.

Welcome to Mexico. Your life isn't worth a pinch of rat shit.

If this murder stands, justified, then there is absolutely nothing stopping the Eureka Police from doing anything they want any time they want. What's next for the EPD? Death squads?

Tommy McClain did NOTHING to threaten anyone. The ONLY threat that existed was in the scared crapless, paranoid men's sick minds that brought pointless violence to Tommy McClain's home. The really corrupt sick bastards in this community are the people like Andrew Mills that justify and support such sickness, lawlessness and paranoia.

You wanted them Eureka, just like this country, the old voters anyway, wanted conservative Republicans running congress, well now you can just live with the consequences. When the District Attorney agrees with Chief Mills your deal with the Devil, everyone that voted, is sealed.

Here's the link to: Eureka police shooting investigation awaits DA's decision - Read it and weep. The war has only just begun.

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