Tuesday, December 16, 2014

No Mistake, Just Plain Murder

The police committed a crime when they killed Tommy McClain on September 17, 2014, in Eureka, CA. They made NO mistake, NO miscalculation, NO slip-up, NO misjudgment, or NO error in judgment when they deliberately confronted him that night. They admittedly had been watching him and other family members for some time. They knew he was not doing anything illegal or presenting himself as a threat to them or anyone else that justified several of them confronting him as if he was a known armed and deadly felon with their guns drawn. They, the Eureka Police Officers deliberately brought violence to this boy at his home on the premise or assumption he might be packing something in his belt that could be a gun. In their desire to bully and cow him into submission, show him who the Man is, in their paranoia they fabricated or conjured in their scared feeble minds a hallucination about some supposed threat to them, and he died. In fact, he was dead the moment they decided to assault him – no matter what he did.

That boy died for absolutely nothing, accept being a boy, trying to be a man. With, I might add, having the misfortune to cross paths with a gang of effeminate Eureka Police Officers. He was doing exactly what they told him to do and used his compliance as an excuse to shoot him. No sniveling punk was going to talk to them like he did nor was he going to tell them what to do. So, they taught him and everyone like him in Eureka a lesson. Tragically, this exactly what the people of Eureka want from their police and so-called justice system.

What does it say about an old community when their police can murder a boy in cold blood and absolutely no one gets angry or outraged? Where a new police chief and an old and a new District Attorney sweep the crime under the rug to protect these criminals from answering for their crimes? No one demands justice for the murder. No one is outraged over the crime and its cover-up. Nothing about going to the Grand Jury. Nothing about going to the State's Attorney General or any demands for a police review board with teeth. JUST NOTHING.

This police murder of Tommy McClain tells you everything you need to know about the City of Eureka and the people that live here. This incident clearly shows just how debased and depraved the city of Eureka and it's people are. They are not just morally corrupt, but are totally lawless as well.

What the wannabe so-called Upper Class people don't seem to understand, as they hunker down in what they believe are their secure Ivory Towers, is that they are just as threatened and endangered as everyone else. The people of Eureka have a choice, either enforce the law or see it enforced upon them. The debasement caused by these officer's actions and the universal impunity granted by everyone responsible for enforcing the law is merely a symptom of the disease destroying the whole community. The Eureka Police Department needs a complete attitude change. In fact, the whole town needs an attitude change. That starts when you stop cooperating with these lawless criminals and they are held to account and answer for their crimes. Until then, no one is free or safe from these sociopaths.

Make no mistake, the real thugs all wear flag pins.


  1. what do you mean no one is outraged my family is beyond that. we are at a loss on what to think..we thought justice would prevail. and the officers would be held accountable.but sadly not true how do you fight the law when the officers can brake there own police procedures. and they get a way with fabrication the truth.
    they can do there own investigation
    and go back working as police officers >>>>> this crime goes beyond killing
    tommy mcclain. it effects every one that lives in humbolbt county
    because if you think you have rights think again

  2. This article was posted Dec. 16, 2014. Finally, some has the guts to post a comment on this blog about the police murder of Tommy McClain, even though somewhat misguided.

    This blog has written extensively about the deliberate murder of Tommy McClain. Only one other local blog has posted some compromised commentary. I don't see any mention of this blog's observations on the Tommy McClain Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForTommy.

    The family may be "outraged," but so what? That is expected. Except for one or two people in this community, absolutely no one has spoken up about the murder and its accompanying impunity. I guess it's going to take a few more dead children before people in this community wake up to the danger they all face.

    By the way, the problem is yours when you say, "we thought justice would prevail." Whatever gave you that lame idea? You buy into the lie, act on it, then get screwed, what do you expect? Before you can expect to get justice you need to know and understand the crime. The issue is not about "police procedures," "investigations," or personal "rights." It's about the law and personal accountability. It's every citizen's responsibility to enforce the law.

  3. I completely agree. R.i.p. Tommy. - Samantha M.