Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hallelujah! Finally Someone With GUTS

In this Sunday morning, December 7, 2014, edition of the Times-Standard newspaper, right on the second page I was greeted with this picture and caption:
"Recent police killings are described and protested at a rally in Old Town Eureka's Gazebo Square during Arts Alive! on Saturday night. About 50 members of a new, unnamed collectie gathered to lay on the  ground with targets on them as if dead, talk about  how people of color still face discrimination  and  read  the names and stories of those  recently killed -- including Eureka's Thomas McClain."
At least I am not the only one in this town incensed at the murder of an innocent boy by Eureka police willing to take stand and do something. (I don't consider what goes on over at the Tuluwaa Crier anything more than a pretence; watered down double-speak.) Ever since the murder and particularly since the District Attorney Paul Gallegos decided to cover over the obvious crime with his decision of impunity, I've waited for a newspaper editorial, a letter to the editor, something from the newspaper's moral standard bearers, the Reverend Eric Duff, Sherae O'Shaughnessy or Tim Martin - Just Nothing!

The biggest tragedy for the social order in Eureka in my book are the religious people's abject silence. No moral outrage from the preacher, priests or pastors. Do they not know that their silence is an act that affirms and condones the morally corrupt lawless acts of these criminals? And destroys the social order?

I guess these 50 people can assuage their consciences by believing they are really accomplishing something beneficial that will lead to meaningful, substantive change. I got to hand it to them, laying down in the Gazebo with targets on their chest is really meaningful. The people in this town that are responsible for a rogue police department and a lawless District Attorney are really going to pay attention, see and hear them. When these 50 can figure out how to turn their die-in stunt into meaningful, substantive and effective non-cooperation, that actually holds the people's feet that are responsible to the fire, maybe then someone will actually see, hear and acknowledge them.

Law is only as valuable as the people that honor, comply and enforce it. Without Law there is and cannot be justice - only anarchy and chaos. The police become a  law unto themselves, the justice system, District Attorney, lawyers, juries and judges are without equanimity, totally corrupt. People and children of all color are murdered at will for nothing more than an accusation, or a psychotic hallucination someone believes to be real. Life's whole experience in Eureka becomes a living nightmare.

The near total lack of interest, moral indignation, and lawfully motivate outrage is a clear indication of how deep the sickness runs in Eureka and Humboldt County.


  1. alas, microcosmic lamentations in the land of the walking dead...

    Eureka...How dare I !! you say.

    how long will the minions of the BAD FAITH owners of the currency printing press
    and the LIE FACTORY...continue to defile the sanctity of the soil...while
    enforcing "Criminal Justice"....upholding the Law of Truth + Justice = Peace
    requires some degree of righteous indignation...

    eventually the LANGUAGE must be purified to the point where two opposites are not the same "THING"....whether the BRAINDEADGOY like the sunglasses or not...

    all "JEW" worshippers are going to's in the Bible...@ Matthew 13:39




  2. Thanks for the links. I was going to write something on Ron Paul's comment, just didn't get to it.