Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Joke Is On Eureka

If the killing of Thomas McClain on September 17, 2014, is legally justified according to the Eureka Police Departments' procedures and "policies," (whatever the hell they are) as determined by Police Chief Andrew Mill's handpicked so-called "citizen shooting review board," then everyone confronted by any Eureka police officer, in particular Stephen Linfoot, is in mortal danger.

The actual reality is that the only threat Tommy McClain posed was a hallucination in Stephen Linfoot's mind. To legally justify such an atrocious action is criminal. Chief Mills efforts to produce "transparency" based upon the people appointed to the "six-member board" might as well be close family members of those involved in the shooting. This statement, "The key to forming the Community Shooting Review Board was transparency, Mills said, to let the community know that those outside the department were reviewing the incident" for the public's benefit is laughable.

As far as the issue of transparency is concerned, all Jessie Faulkner offered in the Times-Standard newspaper is for everyone to just take their word for it, no crime was committed. The article in the paper (Wednesday, February 18, 2015): Police chief presents plans to council to make department more responsive reveals that Chief Mills has "plans" for a seven-member "advisory board" to "provide input on all police department issues." Those people, "nominated by the City Council and community" and then "selected by the mayor, city manager and police chief" should make everyone in Eureka sleep better at night, I know it will me. The "qualifying criteria includes objectivity." We all know what that means - objectivity. Got to be an ex-cop or a close family member. (Online link)

How are they going to deal with the psychosis that plagues this police force? Maybe, after two or three more innocent people are gunned down because one of these scared shitless cops had a psychotic revelation from God that the person was a threat, people in this town will demand someone that is sincere and honest to enforce the law. Until then, the joke, deadly joke, is on all you people, Eureka.

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