Sunday, February 15, 2015

Will the Real Tuluwat Rot Please Stand UP

[UPDATE :: February 23, 2015]

The latest ration of pablum: "THE FULL MEDIA BLACKOUT ON THE ORIGINAL $10 MILLION DOLLAR CLAIM AGAINST EUREKA CONTINUES" - While timely, this joke of a paper tiger roars again, i.e., blows its own horn, they chide the new D.A. Maggie Fleming and a fictional local media (Thad G., Ryan B., Hank S., Dan S.) over the Daren Borges incident, they fail to ask about her intentions regarding the Tommy McClain murder. Just because Paul Gallegos betrayed the people of Humboldt County doesn't give her the right to do the same. It is the people that need to be protected, not the police. But then this "Rot" mirrors the general public's self-absorbed cowardice.

Sooner or later the truth reveals itself about the corrupt, lawless, denigrating, vicious, evil and deviate people as they attack the very foundations of what they claim to champion.

This rot cries and whines about the ineptitude and inefficiencies of the new Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills and then they write this slanderous crap attacking the City and their attorney. I don't know the Squires or Cindy Day-Wilson from Adam. What I do know is you don't advocate for lawful government, business and the common people while at the sametime preach for a police state and a government to act against business and people's rights to live and do business peacefully and profitably in this community. The City of Eureka has a history of legalized gangster thuggery and these blogger slumlords want to enforce more.

This group, whoever the hell they are, are proven to be without any credible legitimacy whatsoever. They are nothing more than a bunch of vicious and vile hate-mongers and terrorist headhunters going after anyone and everyone they perceive weak and vulnerable, and that doesn't think or believe and live the way they want. It really goes against my grain to post their vile, filthy garbage on this blog, but the proof is in the reading.



cyndy day wilson
The State Bar of California: Cyndy Day-Wilson – #135045 Current Status: This member is active and may practice law in California. Really?
Floyd and Betty Squires have been doing battle with the city of Eureka for decades they are seasoned veterans. City Councils, Managers, Police Chiefs and City Attorney come and go and apparently so does any institutional memory about how to successfully go after Floyd and Betty Squires and the many illegal slums that they own.
The Examiner certainly applauds the City moving against Floyd and all of his properties; In fact its way over due. To ignore the lessons of past attempts and lost court battles with the Squires is folly.
We pointed out in our post “Eureka takes a good first step, but……….”
Simply evicting the residents without well prepared and executed plan to re-house them was counterproductive. Well, it was not only counterproductive, but sets up a path for the Squires’ to strike back at the city. No doubt using the same bottom feed lawyer Bradford Floyd they always use.
The failure here seems to us to be the usual very weak link at the City again; the incompetent City Attorney spewing out consistently bad legal advice and strategy. We’ll have to wait and see how the numerous claims against the City regarding this eviction will play out. Whatever the case, Eureka will have to pay for another one of its City Attorney’s bad calls.
Remember the Late councilperson Lance Madsen’s, dying-declaration?
On June 13th last year the Examiner said : “Time to show The Eureka City Attorney the emergency exit!”

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