Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Coming to Grips with Reality

Joe's first observation in the Joe Blow Report dealt with Dave Berman's expose on "Peaceful Revolution" for "Conscientious Objectors Everywhere" in his blog: We Do Not Consent. Mr. Berman contends that "peaceful revolution" can be achieved at the ballot box through legal and honest elections. How an unconstitutional and illegitimate government is going to do that is his dilemma.

Joe observed that Mr. Berman was struggling with coming to grips with reality regarding legitimate government and his followup comment served to substantiate that issue. So, from time to time Joe would check his blog to see if or how he had progressed along with his struggle to reconcile legitimacy with a bastard.

It was of interest to read his, "So-ing The Seeds of Change".

Mr. Berman concludes his commentary by saying, "I think the answer to "so?" may be an equally disdainful 'you're not the boss of me.' Think about it."

Vice-President Dick Cheney's disdainful comment, "So?" was and could be made, exactly because "they are" your boss whether anyone likes it or not. Unfortunately, that reality is about to be impressed upon everyone regardless of the new Messiah of Hope.

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