Monday, June 30, 2008

Make The Connection?

Massive FBI raids -"Operation Southern Sweep" - Over 450 agents and local police involved after TWO years "investigations" while millions of dollars are reportedly involved, if the amount they say they recovered is true.

Over at the Humboldt Herald today we find, "Code enforcement news unreported" with the following: "It’s been rightfully pointed out that local media — including the blogs — are dropping the ball on keeping up with the Code Enforcement Task Force. The meetings are not being televised and last we heard, Task Force member and HumCo Supervisor Chair Jill Geist didn’t want the meetings broadcast because of financial burden."

You can read the rest of the article and the following post: "Editor's Note" here.

So, you apparently have warrantless searches under the guise of "Code Enforcement" and rubber stamp "warranted" searches based upon someone's use of electricity as an excuse to look for what?

Now, after you get all of that wonderful information under your belt and mull that question, take a look at this:

Police, Firefighters, Utility Workers Among Hundreds Trained as "Terrorism Liaison Officers"

"Colorado is one among of handful of states where hundreds of firefighters, paramedics, police, and even corporate employees are being trained to hunt down and report a broadly defined range of “suspicious activities.” They’re called Terrorism Liaison Officers. The federally supported initiative trains them to look out for “observed behavior that may be indicative of intelligence-gathering or pre-operational planning related to terrorism.”
Read the followup Denver Post article, "Terror Watch Uses Local Eyes."

You don't suppose that all you folks who were at those meetings, Code enforcement meeting draws 600 and County code enforcement actions draws hundreds have more to worry about than code enforcement issues do you?

Did someone actually believe that these elected county representatives were seriously looking after everyone's best interests? Or, did they all get a pass on January 1, 2000?

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