Thursday, December 18, 2008

Humbug SoHum Elite

This seems like a good time and place to make the following observations about a couple of Southern Humboldt Blogs. Blogs are essentially an online person's place of residence; a kind of alter ego home. When you open up that home for commentary you post a “Welcome” sign on your front door that says, “Please come in and speak to me and my guests.” Since visitors are invited guests, they should act like guests and be treated like they are, welcomed guests. Welcomed guests and hosts alike are first and foremost decent and respectful of the individual rights of all legitimate people to exist. Rarely do you ever read a “Welcome” sign that says: “ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.” Yet that is exactly what I have encountered at two prominent (if you consider all the commentary posted on their blogs to mean anything) Southern Humboldt blogger's abodes. They talk or write like they are some kind of self-righteous, supreme authority on all things in God's creation. An old logger might say, "They think their crap don't stink!" They invite or entice you in to have intercourse, to make commentary. In Joe's situation, make “observations,” no intercourse. When the payoff isn't satisfactory, doesn't produce what they expected or wanted, they then use that opportunity to tell you what a pile of dog crap they think you are. Then when you have the temerity to object to their personal diseased characterizations and demeaning accusations of being everything from the lowest form of slime to a psychotic imbecile they delete your response. Rarely will they ever tell you that you are NOT welcome and to not come back with anymore talk. They hope you'll come back and say something so they can publicly ridicule you some more.

My most recent experience with “assaulting the messenger” was with Eric Kirk, SoHum Parlance II. I realize Eric Kirk lives in own little dreamworld and can't handle getting his cage rattled once in awhile, like most of us. Going at me personally to justify censoring my observations prompted this partial response:
Since I know you’ll read this, let me say that when you open the door to your blog and invite everyone in including Anonymous people to denigrate, demean, slander and personally assault with foul, hypercritical and lying accusations then remove the response because it offends your pussy sensibilities you make your blog a whorehouse.
Not all blogs are corrupt, petty, mean-spirited, narcissistic, obtuse, and belligerent. Some wordmeisters do a fair job when they stick to what they know. Others like Brilliant Branscomb post comments like this: December 17, 2008 at 10:38 am - Ernie Branscomb (South Fork Ernie)
“Early on in the Arab world, they make great strides toward science and civilization, but recently they have become somewhat complacent. Some would say that they are no longer keeping pace with the modern world, indeed some would say that they are becoming a backward tribe of people, and they are starting to harm the progress toward civilization.” “Some would say” that ancient society, "Arab world," is uncivilized because it rejects Democracies “modern” anarchy, mob rule and corruption? We all know how Brancomb's ancestors modernized the North American Indian population.

The problem here with the both of these guys and the reason for their online conduct is that they are basically racist and dehumanize people and their societies to justify their intolerant racist actions. Like all racist warmongers when they can't support themselves they immediately attack their victims.

I posted this response because I went back to Erik's blog and asked him a third time to explain himself. I noticed that he's been back to that thread several times after I asked. Normally Joe has no time nor any tolerance for the rude and indecent behavior of the type encountered with these two prima donnas. However, after Erik left his little rat droppings all over both of my blogs, apparently trying to make some point, I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, "discernment of truth does not grow in empty minds."

ADENNDUM :: Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Humbug Bloggers in Humboldt encompass a nifty little social club. A classic example of who these people are is the list on the sidebar of The Humboldt Herald. Pretty much says it all when you compare lists on other local Humboldt blogs. Joe vainly keeps checking for his blogs to magically appear, but no such luck . . .

I recently came across another good example of this "Good-ol' Boy Club" posted recently at 
Ernie's Place. His title, as far as Joe Blow observes, is in fact, Nothing New. His "list" is a-typical of "The Club," however. Here's a couple more similar blog links. If that's not enough, check this one out. "Do you like local history, droll humor and a sensible outlook?" From this guy's blog? Really? See what I mean?


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