Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Serious Gem From Israel on Manhood

Is this the picture of real manhood?

Israel accused of using illegal white phosphorus shells in Gaza

By Damien McElroy in Jerusalem
Jan. 11, 2009

White phosphorus is an incendiary material that causes severe burns when it comes in contact with human skin and its use in conflict zones is restricted inside civilian areas. Syria called on the UN to investigate the claim.

Human Rights Watch said its researchers witnessed the use of the materiel on Saturday and Sunday in Gaza City and Jabalia refugee camps, both built-up areas.

The Israeli military, which refuses to comment on the types of munitions it is using in the conflict, rejected the accusations. "There is no use of white phosphorus," a spokeswoman said. "Everything we use is according to international law," Marc Garlasco, senior military analyst at Human Rights Watch said: "Israel should not use it in Gaza's densely populated areas."

source: Telegraph UK

Manhood I learned from my father:

My father, a World War Two combat veteran fighting in Europe, told this story to my brother and me one day when we were just teenagers. He never talked about his experiences, with the rare exception of when he was talking to fellow combat veterans. That is when my brother and I would sneak in and listen. Occasionally, as we grew older he would talk to us about the atrocities of war. He never got real specific, but he always got his point across.

This time he was talking about the day he and his platoon were nearly destroyed. He said that everyone carried, as standard gear, two grenades hanging from their suspenders on their chests. One was a fragmentation grenade the other a phosphorus grenade. He said the phosphorus grenade was the most lethal because it would burn through anything; it would not stop burning until it was burned out. Well, this day they were on the march and the guy walking right next to him, my Dad said collapsed later from "battle fatigue" - he said the last time he "saw him he was sitting beside the road bawling like a babe." My Dad said he happened to look and see that the pin that hold the trigger to the phosphorus grenade was hanging only by a thread. He said he was able to grab the grenade and get the pin put fully back in place. He said when the platoon realized what was going on they all ran like hell; screw the Germans, they'd take their chances.

My father was rather vague when we asked him what they used those grenades on. However, he did mention an occasion when he and another soldier were searching a home when they heard a noise from the basement. My father said all the houses had basements, with internal doors and and stairs leading down into the basement. He said those basements were always black as pitch and they never ventured down into them. He said the German people would hide there to get away from the bombardment coming in before the American soldiers moved in to search the towns building by building. The problem, he said, was that you never knew if it was civilians or German soldiers hiding down there, or both. He said his partner hollered down the stairwell in both English and German for whoever was down there to come out. When nothing happened, the customary response was to toss in a grenade and move on. This time my father noticed that his partner had pulled the pin on a phosphorus grenade and was about to toss it into the basement when all of a sudden people began to come pouring up the stairs. He said the basement was full of dozens of old men, women and children. He said he can still see the look in their eyes and shakes in his boots every time he thinks about how close they came to incinerating all those poor people.

Real men, men whose manhood is secure, do not wage war on the innocent civilian population with impunity even if there might be an enemy soldier hiding among them amid their family and friends.

It has come to our attention that some are accusing The Joe Blow Report of being anti-Jew and anti-Semantic. These people carry their own load or responsibility for what they do and do not do. Making observations of their attitudes, actions, behavior and conduct does not speak to the writer's, in this case Joe Blow, motivations or intentions. The facts speak for themselves!

Joe Blow is constantly addressing and exemplifying the works, writings and heroic works of Jewish people. Not all people in Israel or Jews around the world are cowardly war-mongers. Right now the majority are and their crimes are before the world.

If it is wrong to say anything negative, regardless the obvious truth, about a Jew or Israeli, their government or religions without being branded a racist then it is wrong to say anything negative about the Palestinians, Arabs, or their religions. Those that live by the double-standard, because they presume to be unique among mankind, shall also die by it.

An ancient Jewish Bible scholar wrote about the "lawless" people when he said: "So that is why God lets an operation of error go to them, that they may get to believing the lie, in order that they all may be judged because they did not believe the truth but took pleasure in unrighteousness." The truth is revealed when they are judged because they act in harmony with their beliefs or opinions that are lies. Assaulting the messenger never changes the truth.


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