Saturday, January 3, 2009

Humboldt Elite's Royal Baby

Great news! Read all about it. A royal baby was born! 

Two days into the new year and we're blessed with a new female Superior Court Judge by the name of Joyce D. Hinrichs. Anyone know who this woman is or what makes her qualified? By any chance, is she from a local family with roots in Humboldt County? What makes her of "royal blood" anyway?

Joe's objective interests in politics and elections are purely spectatorial. When you consider how rare it is to get a new Superior Court Judge, well that's something Joe considers really important. While these judges are elected and apparently re-elected, the history of their tenure is that they damned near die ensconced in their little kingdoms. Unfortunately, he never saw anything in or on the "media" talking about electing a new judge. Some people knew there was an election, the newspaper says the courtroom was overflowing. 

She says, "I am really honored to be joining the sitting judges here on the Humboldt County Superior Court. They are wonderful, dedicated, hard-working judges and its an on honor to sit among them." Is this what we can expect from her, gushy, but dedicated, hard work? Whatever that means!

When you consider the impact judges have on the day to day lives of everyone, you would think that the serious voter, those people that care about their homes, businesses, property and persons would make sure they know exactly what they are getting. Well, you would think so, but then the whole country just elected a new President and they don't have clue about him.

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