Friday, April 23, 2010

Time To Change The Rules – Disagree to Demonize

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NOTE: As of June 1, 2010 the Times-Standard has ran four consecutive Sunday "As It Stands" articles without comment. Perhaps these people should consider Stancliff's latest conclusions in a similar issue: "As It Stands, it's hard to see any winners emerging from this social revolution with its dire economic consequences and threats against our Constitutional rights." He and they should know.

It is very rare anymore that I, the person using the pseudonym Joe Blow, of the Joe Blow Report on Blogspot and The Joe Blow Report 2 on WordPress make any comments on other blogs. When I do I always make sure that my avatar picture links me to my blogs. That's what make's this Joe Blow identifiable. So when I, by chance, happened to come across a link on Google of an obscene and disgusting commentary about me I hadn't seen before on Dave Stancliff's blog, As It Stands, I revisited the issue of Stancliff personally attacking someone for making observations about things he says and does. Of course Stancliff couldn't restrain himself, he had to come over to my home on the Internet and add some more to his long list of Ad Hominem vitriolic personal assaults.

That posting on his blog nearly a year ago caught my attention. What was written there was not about me, none of it was true, yet it was made to look like it was. So, when he said, “All a person has to do is look at your comments here, and at the Times-Standard reader's forum where you constantly troll around looking for trouble.” Well, that caught my attention again. First I didn't engage him in any “comments” there on my blog. You could say I made that mistake before only to learn I didn't need to draw him out to prove what kind of a person he is. All I had to do was go over the the [Times-Standard reader's forum] and take a crash course. There are 171 comments on that thread and all the Dave Stancliff anyone could ever want.

Nevertheless, when he accused me of “troll(ing) around looking for trouble” on the “Times-Standard reader's forum” I had to take a second look because I've never been to that forum or ever made a comment. Sure enough there is someone using the name “Joe Blow” making comments. I noticed at the comment section of the blog ANYONE can make comments using any name they want. No one is required to register with a valid email address. Anyone can use whatever name they want or anyone's name they want. So if you think that's me over trolling around looking for trouble, you got the wrong guy. I, frankly, wouldn't waste my time.

What I found on that forum thread was Dave Stancliff quoting something I was supposed to have said. Here's what he quoted that I was supposed to have said:
Stancliff you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Your gross generalizations are absurd if not outright slanderous. This is the kind of vile garbage that continues to divide this nation. Tea partiers want no New taxes and no New Governement. They are not anarchists. They are not represented under the current governement. Unlike people such as yourself the Tea partiers are those who actually pay taxes to pay for your failed progressive entitlements. You may have just sealed your own fate with that article. Whatever crumb of credibilty you had before is gone now. You are a disgrace.
This is NOT me. Even so, this is what Jesus Christ was talking about when said what would happen when you cast pearls before swine.

This is why you will not find me “talking” to people like Stancliff. Read his [reply]: “Look who crawled out from his troll cave. If you weren't such an idiot I'd reply to your rant. Based upon PAST EXPERIENCE with you I know that's a waste of time.
Here's a go back into the darkness.”

Of course this pseudo Joe Blow didn't take the hint, Stancliff just made the conversation about the person, and call him on the things he said and deal with him as he is for what he is. Notice how he used that person's statement to make one of the most personally demeaning, and insulting things a person could say to someone. And he calls me a cyber bully?

The problem is, people making comments and blog site owners tolerate these kinds of personal animalistic attacks. Stancliff personally attacks people like he does because he can. If he tried talking to people like that in real life, out on the street, he'd darn sure find out what he can and can't do. The Times-Standard forum and all the people commenting in that forum tolerate that sewer garbage. You go along with that kind of crap, you support and condone it. So, despite all the people commenting, you get a forum that's nothing but filthy debauchery that mirrors their true agenda. And that's my nice way of saying it.

That's why I changed the rules. When the conversation ceases to be about the “SUBJECT” and becomes about demonizing the “OBJECT” direct engagement STOPS! An old logging boss was fond of saying, “You can't reason with an idiot.” What is proven true here is that when a person is unable to determine the difference between what they think, say or write from who and what the are as a person they cease to be cognizant of any reality and any further discussions are dictated and dominated by them. So, no matter what you say about what they think, believe, write or say you are attacking them. More importantly you are attacking their very reason for existence; their fantasy dreams they created in their small immature, uneducated and unliberated minds. Like all threatened animals they viciously attack. Notice how Stancliff dominates that forum with his obscene Ad Hominem, slanderous bullying accusations, personal insults and vile hatred for anyone that dare question HIM. Joe Blow of the Joe Blow Report didn't make his living in the timber industry most of his life without learning how to deal with mouthy juvenile bullies. You just plain don't give them any energy. They're like a mean dog. All it takes is a little eye contact and they bite you.

That said, mean dogs get contained so they can't bite people. On my Grandfather's ranch pups that grew up to become mean got summarily put down. As long as Dave Stancliff writes for the Times-Standard and they stand behind this kind of the debased behavior and conduct of the type I witnessed on their Forum you can be sure we'll be observing. Probably pay more attention to the Arcata Eye now that Kevin Hoover got my attention. [source]

[UPDATE :: Sunday, May 9, 2010 – Mother's Day]

Dave Stancliff Rides High

People ask me why I leave Stancliff's filthy personal attacks on my blogs for everyone to read. He clearly violates the posted rules for making comments on the Report. They say that the “proof is in the pudding.” Only dogs care about how it looks; pudding, that is. People care about how it smells and tastes.

People can sample Stancliff for themselves. He says more about himself than he could ever say about this writer. His vociferous public diatribe defines him; more accurately it defines his ego. More than that, it defines all those that support and enable his continued self-exploitations at the expense of all those people that are decent and care about this world we all share.

When I realized, as a consequence of something Stancliff said, that the Times-Standard management, in particular Dave Kuta and Kimberly Wear, were not only supporting his kind of behavior, they were enabling him as well. When I saw how prolific his personal attacks were I wrote them a letter to make sure they knew and understood their involvement and what their paper's involvement was with “As It Stands.” Here is their reply.

T-S continues to publish and support “As It Stands”:

1. May 9, 2010: Oil politics legacy: Destroying gulf coast ecosystem since 1950s.
2. May 16, 2010: How to get in trouble for telling the truth -- be a Whistleblower.
3. May 23, 2010: Why Humboldt County will survive marijuana legalization.
4. May 30, 2010: Arizona immigration law creates deeper racial divide among Americans.
5. June 6, 2010: Researchers claim to have solved the mystery of life -- now what?
6. June 13, 2010: Presidential memorandums, or how to stay under the media radar

In the face of all the public commentary, what does the continued printing of Dave Stancliff's “As It Stands” column say about the moral and ethical standards of the Times-Standard newspaper? What does all this self-promulgating propaganda serve to prove? It may serve Stancliff's pious ego to tell everyone how to think, but it certainly doesn't do much for the newspaper's credibility when they engage in “opinion” reporting. Respect and consideration for the reader is demonstrated when they are allowed to decide for themselves what is and what is not. Just stick to the facts.


  1. Looking back a year ago? You are obsessed with me aren't you? You just can't leave me alone. You continue to keep verbally attacking me and trying to gain some invisable high ground.

    Joe, I'm not being insulting to you, but you should really get some mental health help. What you're doing isn't healthy. It's called an obsession, and you really need to let go and move on with your life.

    You don't seem to have anything to blog about anymore but me. Logically, don't you think anyone who reads this blog can see what I'm saying is true? You're even contradicting yourself in the last post by saying you don't usually comment on other blogs. Your posts disprove that assertion quickly.

    Let go of your anger Joe. You'll be a lot happier.