Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Truth to Power

Our purpose is to stimulate thinking by offering the real message behind the many words.

Anyone that reads the Joe Blow Report and The Joe Blow Report 2 will readily accept the fact that our stated purpose is rigorously enforced with honesty, decency and integrity. In order to understand the real message we consistently listen to the intent behind the words. While we may slip and offer an opinion on a very rare occasion it is our most sincere "intent" to offer only observations based upon as much factual material we can find.

One of the reasons the Report was resurrected had to do with finding Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez and their TV program, "Democracy Now." Their courage and resourceful efforts to report truth to power were an inspiration to contribute in whatever way possible. Readers of the Report will note that there are other writers that are featured in the Report – information, ideas, conclusions and news that, to be informed, need to be read and considered. In that regard and in due course, another one of these people came to the Report's attention: Glenn Greenwald. Glenn writes for the blog: When you read what he writes today you'll readily understand why we were and remain attracted to his commentary and cutting-edge reporting.

Wednesday, Apr 14, 2010 02:15 EDT
Blog news
By Glenn Greenwald

Ever since I began writing about political matters, reader support has been a vital means of enabling me to maintain independence and devote the vast bulk of my time and energy to what I do here.  As I noted during last year's blog fund-raiser, this model of readership support for journalism and commentary is, in my view, very healthy.  It permits one to remain accountable only to one's readers, which in turn means that no external agendas or interests can influence what is written, and the only real obligation is to maintain credibility with one's readership by offering honest, reliable, well-documented and completely independent analysis.
You can read the rest of his article here. We here at the Report find Glenn's words to be true in our past dealings. That is not something I can say for many local bloggers or Newspaper media. Glenn:
As always, I genuinely appreciate anyone who contributes here in any way -- commenting, reading, email feedback -- and deeply appreciate everyone who has helped to fund blog activities here in the past.
In order for the Report to maintain itself, legitimate within its own right, what is offered is "accountable only to one's readers." In other words, what is written stands on its own, not because of who wrote it, but because of what it says. The writer or writers remain anonymous inorder to maintain that objective independance. Read the Report or don't read the Report, that is your free choice. We do not solicit opinions, one way or the other, nor do we ask you to read, agree or disagree. We leave the door open and offer the opportunity for considerate, decent and respectful commentary. We discourage "Anonymous" commentary because, based upon our observations, few such individuals understand the aformentioned principles. In fact, very few local bloggers do as well.

For the many that pass through our domain, we consider your silence and affirmation and thank everyone that reads the Report.


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