Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thank God For Small Favors

[UPDATE Below]

As I was going through my Father's Day Sunday Times-Standard newspaper I happened to notice the absence of that ever pervading, blinding darkness that always seems to greet me when I get to that infamous "Opinion" page – NO "As It Stands" staring out at me like some big Black Hole. Hallelujah!

Of course this might just be because it's Father's Day and the Times-Standard wants to better its “standards” for only this day's edition. Anything the paper can do in that regard is a positive and we'll take what we can get. Kind of sad really, because once you got past Stancliff's personalized, standard propaganda spiel, his last two articles had some merit. But then, isn't that the Times-Standard's hallmark way of reporting?

[UPDATE :: Tuesday, June 22, 2010]

Well, that respite was short-lived. The Times-Standard ran in today's edition, As It Stands: U.S. schools lead industrial world in violence against children, lawmaker says. -- Typical mammby-pammby as it stands. Maybe Stancliff should have read this before tackling this subject: "Cause and Effect in the War on Terror."

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