Saturday, June 26, 2010

True Price of Medical POT

Again, we see the real cost of so-called medical marijuana. "Medical marijuana" is supposed to help sick people, people with medical problems and no doubt it does. But, at what cost. Everyone that uses medical marijuana is endebted to these dead people. This is what happens when, for whatever altruistic reasons, people ignore or try to circumvent or get around the legal, legitimate existence of another or their handywork. It's also what happens when people are irresponsible and refuse or fail to deal with serious, potentially life-threatening issues.

The local impotent hypocrits worry about how much legalizing marijuana is going to cost them. So, they waffle around and try to formulate strategies. Well, take a good hard look. The cost is in lives, not dollars.

Read this article and tell me that medical marijuana doesn't bring crime into the community -- crime that threatens everyone. How can anyone aford to allow dispensaries or anything else related to marijuana as long as it illegal?

The Times-Standard's North Coast & State section for Saturday, June 26, 2010, the article from the Associated Press: L.A. Police investigate marijuana dispensary killings. Online, Fox News has this: Los Angeles police probe fatal shootings at 2 medical marijuana dispensaries. 

Marijuana dispensaries handle large amounts of money, which could make them targets for robbers.
Crime was among the concerns that prompted the City Council to crack down on pot dispensaries, which have flourished since California voters legalized use of marijuana for medical reasons in 1996.

The medical marijuana initiative did not address actual sales of the drug, and communities up and down the state have struggled to craft laws. Some have outright banned pot clinics, which call themselves collectives and supposedly only sell to members with medical problems.
If you like the Nanny State solution to these kinds of problems, the don't bitch about the consequences.

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