Monday, June 21, 2010

Marijuana World Face

[UPDATE Below]

Again we see front page in the Times-Standard the headline: “Medical cannabis industry has an eye to the future.” 
Donna Tam again touts the positive benefits of this so-called bootleg “industry” as local promoters and enablers try to cover over this so-called “industry” with a “medical cannabis” face. Do a quick search on the Times-Standard's web site and you will uncover an ever growing list of articles about this effort to make pot growing, selling and using linked to the more palatable, beneficial “medical” use.

Notice how Donna Tam glosses over and enhances the legitimacy using “cannabis” instead of the more commonly understood name: MARIJUANA. After 40 to 50 years of bootleg operations it's not an “INDUSTRY.” It's a dirty business. The irreparable damage done by a couple of dozen men and their supporters and enablers on 9/11 to what's happened on the North Coast only varies by degrees. This kind of reporting, inferring their own slant on what the so-called reporters, editors and media management want the truth to be, seems to be the norm now with all media outlets.

This is what one local SoHum champions of the movement recently posted on her blog:
Kym begins her blog article with this masterful description: “The Garberville Vet’s Hall opened its doors much like a overstuffed guest might loosen the waistband of her pants after a particularly wonderful feast. The standing-room-only crowd pushed against the walls as the abundant banquet of information was set before them.” This is RATHER sickening – really. She then concludes by saying:
“Cholewa spoke about the need for people in the industry to “ride the wave” and “remember instability is our friend.” She urged agreeing on values and then working to make them happen. “Your values can become National policy. Your values can become your brand.” [“Kate Cholewa who is currently lobbying for marijuana issues in Montana”]
Notice how she uses the word “cannabis” now that is the new respectable word.

Don't forget to read the self-ingratiating comments for the full nauseating effects. Far too many people died in Humboldt County alone because of these criminals, their supporters and enablers to think today “they” can just white-wash over their criminal lives and massive liability. They can try to cover over or hide behind some semblance of acceptability in the so-called ongoing “medical cannabis industry,” but it is still is a rotting grave filled up with corrupt corpses.

The first person to comment on her article was the local Opinionator, Dave Stancliff. Here's his contribution to the new way:
    Thanks for the great coverage Kym. The T-S story on the subject today pales in comparison to your informative piece. They need to start a Pot Blog and have you as a columnist.
He recently wrote about this in the Times Standard: As It Stands: Why Humboldt County will survive marijuana legalization – Like the only way Humboldt County has survived so far is on the illegal pot industry, right?

This Report got in on the fray March 24, 2010, with this article posted below:
No One Survives When They Are All DeadThis so-called “cannabis industry” reminds me of these words: “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which appear beautiful on the outside, but inside are full of dead men's bones and every impurity.”

There is a downside to all of this hype. Here's a little reality-check from NPR: "Medical Pot Can Cost Parents In Custody Disputes." Anyone talking about this locally?

[UPDATE :: Tuesday, June 22, 2010] Interesting. In today's edition on page A3 - North Coast, State & Region -the Times-Standard printed the complete Associated Press article: "Medical Pot Can Cost Parents In Costody Disputes" web links and all.

With all the hype surrounding marijuana legalization after the past half century of these bootleg outlaws sticking it in the faces of their local, state and federal communities, the law, law enforcement and the judiciary they should realize there is a substantial segment of society that is not going to roll out the red carpet for these people.

So here's to Southern Humboldt, where I grew up free from dope and dopes, the new “center for sustainable outdoor medical marijuana grows.  [Source]


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