Monday, July 19, 2010

Modern Day Vampires

Modern Day "Psychic or Energy" Vampires

There was this black hole and one day something, what looked like a filthy abomination, crawled out and someone focused on “It.” Light shined on “It” for the first time and "It" thought "It" was alive. Then someone else focused on "It" and "It" became more alive. Then "It" knew the source of life – get more “someone's” to focus their attention on “It.” “It” quickly learned the more “someone's” that focused all their attention on “It” the more powerful “It” became. “It” soon learned that “someone's” focused attention was good, but “someone's” source of light was even better. To get at that, the source of life, “It” needed consensual agreement or will. The unintended consequence for the poor “someone” was occupation, slavery and eventually, lose of life or death. For, you see, that filthy abomination was an evil parasite – a lie. "It" lived and dreamed only in "It's" mind. "It" had NO life within itself. "It" is, in the truest sense, an undead vampire. "It's" only worth or value is what "It" can suck out of others.

The more life and light “It” got from "It's" willing and unwilling subjects, the more beautiful “It” became. The brilliance of “It's” light was mesmerizing and blinding, all at the same time. In “It's” Minds's Eye “It” now became like God – knowing good and evil. “It” is quick to tell you what is right and wrong, how to think and what to believe – who and what you are.

Anyone that doesn't agree with “It's” right to judge, dictate and decree becomes a mortal threat to this illegitimate bastard's right to exist in whatever form "It" chooses. Throw into the mix a “legitimate someone,” "someone" with life within themselves, “someone” with self-worth, self-respect and a sense of self and the bastard liar is exposed.

An interesting article by Eric Taylor offers some identifying characteristics of an Energy Vampire well worth considering, if you are serious about saving or defending yourself:

1.They don’t smile sincerely.
2.They never belly laugh.
3.They show up late.
4.They are always complaining.
5.They gossip using 3rd party references. (my aunt said)
6.They very rarely volunteer (unless it makes them look good).
7.They always look for short cuts.
8.They always feel entitled.
9.They are ignorant.
10.They thrive on chaos.
11.They create chaos.
12.They like arguing.
13.They think they’re always right.
14.They’re unappreciative.
15.They’re rude.
16.They’re aloof.
17.They’re always complaining.
18.They spend time scheming instead of enjoying life.
19.They immediately point out the negative.
20.They compare.
21.They are quick to criticize.
22.They are paranoid.
23.They do not trust others (because they don’t trust themselves).
24.They seek first to be understood, before they understand.
25.They literally suck the life and enthusiasm out of everyone they meet.
26.They immediately make any room brighter — by leaving.
His solution once the Vampire is encountered and identified:
I encourage you to become acutely sensitive to the words and actions that identify an Energy Vampire, so you can get away from them as quickly as possible.

There is another way to defend yourself and that is to resist or reject them at the point of their attack. This is the situation that has confronted the Joe Blow Report for over a year now. We were attacked by one of these undead, illegitimate blood-suckers when the Report inadvertently focused on and revealed "It's" energy trap. This vampire has tried and tried to get the Report to focus on "It." "It" repeatedly comes on this blog and writes whatever "It" thinks serves "It's' interests regardless of previous conduct and statements. Here is the latest example, if you're interested:
Dave has left a new comment on your post ""God-Speak" and The Dreamer":

I'm still waiting to hear why you would have to move to Brazil if people knew who you were?
Did one of you do something wrong?
Posted by Dave to Joe Blow Report at July 10, 2010 7:10 PM
If you read "God-Speak" and the Dreamer you will readily see that his question is answered.
Relevance. The problem is not that I'm afraid or unable to protect and defend my family from predatory, racist lunatics that keep crawling out of the sewer assaulting anyone they think they can get at. The statement made is that the anonymity of the writer(s) of this Report should be considered a "gift." Problem is, the Dave Stancliff's of this world are too stupid to understand what that might mean.
 Now consider what he said in his previous statement:
Dave has left a new comment on your post "Warmonger Writes About Peace II" (Relevant parts only):

Just want to let you "all" know that I'm not going to write about you, because that's what you really want; some form of recognition.
Like I said, I'm not going to write about you because this appears to be your goal.
As you can readily see, if you've followed along, parasites and life suckers are easily defined. Rule #25 is probably as close to what and how I define and identify Energy Parasites. After any encounter you always walk away feeling really depressed – like two huge elephants just crapped on you and tried to bury you so that they wouldn't have to smell the murder they just committed. That's when I know I'd let my guard down and got bit.
By the way, these blood-sucking bastards can't bite you if they can't find you. -- [Source]

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