Friday, July 30, 2010

The Elephant in the Room - Legal POT

[UPDATE Below :: August 2, 2010]
[UPDATE Below :: August 4, 2010]

So what's a "no-brainer"?

Jane Hamsher posted on FireDogLake (FDL) Friday July 23, 2010 this:
Want to Defuse the Mexican Border Problem? Legalize Marijuana

The Report has made some observations on some of the negative, un-talked about consequences of the so-called "Industry." Eric Kirk's SoHum Parlance II recently posted a real eye-opener, if you have the stomach to look through it, The literal side of the drug war. And another posting: Another marijuana bust gun death.

When money trumps lives it's time to devalue the issue.

There are two more pertinent articles just posted on FDL:
  1. Call Your Member of Congress and Ask Where They Stand on Ending Marijuana Prohibition
  2. Senate Votes to Double Fines, Jail Time for Pot Brownies  [Source]


FIREDOGLAKE is making their move: Announcing Our Marijuana Legalization Campaign: Just Say Now

They've opened up a new "Just Say Now website" - They want to know what you think and offer other stuff.


Mexico wants to talk to the U.S. -- "Former Police Chief Urges President Obama to Join Mexican President Calderon in Debate on Legalizing Marijuana" -- This is the latest proposal, where Mexico joins Columbia and Brazil encouraging Latin American countries to legalize marijuana to deny the cartels their major source of revenue. Offering to "debate" seems rather insulting and a waste of time. Getting Barack Obama to personally recognize the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon as an equal and actually work to establish that reality for the future benefit of both countries would be well worth doing. The Drug War solution has so far in the last four years produced 28,000 dead.

I guess the "elephant in the room" question is, who profits from illegal marijuana, "The Industry," in California?
A more pertinent question is, who profits from the illegal so-called pot industry in Humboldt County?

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