Friday, July 2, 2010

Warmonger Writes About Peace

The hypocrisy of these would-be gods always amazes me. Why is it the most outspoken loudmouth, blowhards, predominantly so-called Christian Jingoist, are the most judgmental, self-righteous, and self-important wannabe elitists who are always out in the front preaching their love, peace, forgiveness and mercy? The greatest enforcers of this hypocrisy are those that export their judgments to the doors of their neighbor's ostensibly or for all intents and purposes motivated by their great love of God and Jesus' great love for them to bring the Truth of Jesus Christ's while their very presence is a judgment contradicting and contravening everything they claim to be.

You don't need to take my word on their overt actions, just check out their attitude, simply ask them to justify what they are doing and you'll find them arrogant, haughty, self-righteous and judgmental. That is exactly what I did with Dave Stancliff when he recently made me an offer to get together to discuss our differences. Because of his past obscenities, erratic actions and behavior I wrote down what it would take as an offer of good faith on his part to meet me half way. For a year now I have suffered the invectives and verbal abuse of his hatred, baseless personal judgments, and phony duplicitous offers. When I questioned his honesty and sincerity for offering to meet with me, that he was good for his word and not up to some trick, did he meet me half way? Not hardly!

At this same time, however, he was researching and writing about his latest Times-Standard, “As It Stands: Misunderstood connections: The Crusades, jihads and 9/11.”

Taken in context, “misunderstood connections” is right. But, then what would you expect when it is always the victim's fault? Couple that with the inherent inability to see the other side. Here's a good example from someone that has worked for peace, who has “spent the past half-century pursuing nonviolent conflict resolution in international relations.”

Stancliff concludes: “As It Stands, the thing that troubles me is that the Middle East and the West still can't coexist peacefully on this planet after all these centuries.” Small-minded, knee-jerk assumptions? During the time of the Crusades, there was no “Middle East and the West.” “West” only came into being when the United States began to enforce its will in the world. The Crusades were all about an evolving, expansionist Roman Empire ruled by a Pope trying to dominate and control the World as they extended their empire another 1000 years.

The question remains, how does anyone coexist with such people? You don't negotiate peace by threats, ultimatums, or hollow, disingenuous offers as a pretense. When you can't or don't talk, there is only one other choice – War.

The joke is on Dave Stancliff and those that support him. They are the answer and that definition is being played out by them in their dealings with me. No one coexists with a bully when all the bully wants is special recognition and surrender. Peace does not come from the works of warmongers.

NOTE OF INTEREST: Since notifying the Times-Standard management here in Eureka about Dave Stancliff's behavior and online conduct, they have continued to run his As It Stands column every Sunday until today as if everything he does and says is just A-OK. What newspaper reporters and journalists are suffering around the world is the same tyranny Stancliff subjects me every time he makes a comment to or about me. Not much integrity among the news media in that.


  1. You amaze me Joe.

    I write about a subject that has nothing to do with you, and you still attack me.

    Remind me of the offer you made me to meet. I don't recall that one. I know I made you an offer, but you refused.

    All I see is an angry man who accuses me of everything in the book while reviling me, saying lies about me,and who spends his time blogging about me like some kind of crazed fan from hell.

    It's obvious you have some major anger issues in life Joe, and for whatever reason you've chosen to devote your days and nights to attacking me.

    I really feel sorry for you. I personally couldn't carry around as much paranoia and hate as you do. It's going to catch up to you.

    Have a great day Joe and don't forget to say something nasty about me.

  2. Dave, I have no dog in this little fight between you and Joe but I was intrigued by your article title so I went and read it.

    It was a convoluted mess, either by ignorance or design.

    Taking the false flag of 9/11 and the subsequent manufactured Islamic enemies and mixing it with some history of the Crusades is BS.

    Here's how not to coexist with others on the planet and create jihad in the locals as an excuse for never ending wars and profiteering:

    Invade and occupy a country based on nothing but lies, genocide and displace the population, destroy the infrastructure and historical artifacts, steal the resources,use the controlled media to cheer lead the death and destruction,install puppet leaders 'friendly' to your agenda,maybe even stimulate the opium/heroin trade and make your bankers and buddies rich while the local population suffers, etc. etc.

    Dave, you're a 'journalist.' You should know these simple things by now.