Friday, January 14, 2011

Anonymity via Humboldt Herald Blog

Some sentiments regarding The Times-Standards attempts to rectify their Topix comments section by Humboldt Herald. Couldn't have said it better myself. Here's an excerpt:
Such sentiments from an anonymous blogger are sure to raise hackles of those who suffer elevated blood pressure from the existence of theHerald. But let us recall the oft-stated differences between this g*dd*mn f*cking blog and the proper, official, totally legit outfit that is the real newz.  Those reporters have names, phone numbers and offices where their professional hind ends can be contacted by people who care to deliver a grievance.  This blogger does not.  Feel free to spew away in the comments section below — they might even make it past moderation standards.
 What Heraldo says is not true. I brought to the Times-Standard's management what their premier Opinionator was doing and saying on their online comment section in Topix and the did absolutely nothing. I happened by chance, through an unrelated Google search to find Dave Stancliff railing against me with some of the most foul and obscene vitriol imaginable. I'd didn't even know about that forum, let alone make comments there. Yet there was a "Joe Blow" trying to defend him or herself with Dave Stancliff. As far as I am concerned, the Times-Standard opened the door to that problem a long time ago and has refused to deal with it all this time, because it served their personal interests. For me, they were merely providing him with another venue to spill the bile they wanted dumped on everyone. Keep repeating the lies and eventually it becomes the truth in everyone's minds. FAIT ACCOMPLI.

Keep up the good work Heraldo.

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