Saturday, January 1, 2011

Little People's War: Episode I

Beginning today, the Report is launching an episodic review of the War On Little People, called "Little People's War."

Who is prosecuting this war and who the "Little People" are will become self-evident. This new feature is not politically motivated, nor is it about the American wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places, the so-called War on Terror or the War on Drugs. At the same time it should be noted that these "wars" are a part of the War On Little People. In the First Episode, we'll consider two aspects of this War, (1) A National attack and (2) a local or state-wide attack and some characteristics of an actual "attack" that's all legal and proper:

A classic example of how this war is enforced is exemplified in President Barack Obama's latest "sweeping $858 billion tax bill."
Perhaps a third of all Americans will have their taxes raised by Obama's tax proposal according to the New York Times.
The plan which was sold as "giving ALL Americans a tax break" actually raises taxes for families making less than $40,000.
a year and individuals making less than $20,000.
This is because the 2% payroll tax break that these families would get is less than the tax break that they are already getting under the Making Work Pay tax credit which has been dropped from the new tax plan.
This so-called "compromise" directly attacks the "Little People." People all across America in a really fundamental way - right at their source of income.

January 1, 2011, brings the this notice in the Times-Standard newspaper: "New year brings new PG&E electricity rates." The PG&E made this request to the California Public Utilities Commission, CPUC hearing on PG&E's $4.2 billion revenue increase request, and they put it through.
PG&E said Thursday residential customers who use relatively little power will experience a 3 percent increase in rates starting Jan. 1. 
Those who draw large amounts of electricity, on the other hand, will get a 2.6 percent rate cut.
Notice who they say will benefit:
That will help people with big homes and those in the Central Valley, where summer heat waves are common and lead to large electricity bills.
So, who does the California State PUC represent? Why should all other ratepayers be forced to pay for the luxury lifestyles of those that choose to live as they do?

The real insult to all of us paying higher rates was the self-indulging statement by Christine Cordner, PG&E spokeswoman,
"... neither set of customers will see dramatic changes in their monthly bills. Homeowners who use the most power will still pay a far higher electricity rate than homeowners who use far less."
See any similarities in these two actions?

It certainly doesn't matter whether or not we see a "dramatic" change. The fact is there is a constant increase in rates that no one can afford. And who cares what rate the pigs pay? We're all subsidizing them anyway.

An interesting note: On that same page in the Times-Standard, right under the above article is the headline: Pasadena prepares for Rose Parade festivities and shows a big picture of a float honoring former President Ronald Reagan prepared for the Rose Parade. This is the first time the Rose Parade has included a presidential-themed entry. The resurgence at this time of Ronald Reagan's capitalistic beliefs in the minds of many Americans is important because the War On Little People was initiated with a vengeance in modern times by Ronald Reagan. [Source]

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