Monday, February 21, 2011

Caltrans Comes Through

Occasionally I am pleasantly surprised by people. Really! For the the Joe Blow Report that is saying something. Looking at my blog commentary, you might get the idea that not too many people visit this website. Well, you might, but I follow Google's Analytics and that tells me something altogether different. I know what pages people read and I know how long they stay on those pages. The lack of comments either speaks to their issues or my lack of connection to the reader. There may be other reasons, regardless back to the purpose of this article - I, frankly, got surprised.

This is what showed up on the Comment section of my Saturday, February 12, 1022, posting of: "Bullshit Bazoo" relevant to the Update II regarding the comment by a Caltran's employee, a Mr. Phil Frisbie, Jr. - Public Information Officer / Web Content Administrator. This comment posted by Mr. Frisbie got caught in my Blogger Spam Catcher and I missed it for a couple of days.

This is important and well worth emphasizing because how we treat one another on the Internet, in particular blog commentary, speaks exactly to how we treat one another in person. The discussed issue and resultant controversy, the Richardson Grove proposed highway upgrade, as far as this Report is concerned is caused by the elitist attitude of Caltrans and the duplicitous response by a certain segment of society. What results from such an avoidable situation is what I consider an over-the-top demonstration that ill serves the demonstrators and succeeds only to alienate the police.

Enter Mr. Phil Frisbie, Jr.:
 phil_frisbie said...
First, let me apologize for my confusion. I browse with JavaScript off and your email was not visible. I should not have assumed it was blank because you were attempting to be anonymous; I should have enabled JavaScript to make sure.

As far as the attribution; it took me several looks over your page, but now I see how you attribute your sources. 
These were my first visits to your blog, and I am sorry we got off on the wrong foot. 
Phil Frisbie, Jr.
Public Information Officer / Web Content Administrator
February 18, 2011 7:59 PM
To me, this says a whole lot about the character of Mr. Phil Frisbie, Jr. If this is a demonstration of the INTENT of Caltrans when dealing with the people they serve, then we'll see a whole change in attitude. Mr. Frisbee, who is responsible for this obligation will make sure that the general public is well served with simple, to the point information and relevant facts that respects their rights to determine an acceptable and proper course. If people are deemed competent to vote then they are competent enough to know what and why they are voting. Respect works both ways.

Personally, I greatly appreciate Mr. Frisbie's response and offer.

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