Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Phony Baloney

Obama's Budget

The experts who study these things believe that, thanks to the trust fund, Social Security has enough money saved up to meet its obligations for about the next 25 years.

So, who is the liar and what is their game? What is the real purpose behind all of this frenzy of balancing the budget by cutting entitlements?

Spending TRILLION's of dollars America does not have on PHONY wars that serves ONLY to placate Republican Elitist Warmongers' paranoia and then attacking the American people at their heart to justify their debauchery by attacking the very money they were entrusted to save and protect, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, is downright evil.

This disingenuous attack on Social Security by both Democrats and Republican's is the MOST phony of them all. When President Obama tells the American people there is NO money for any entitlements, then everyone will see the betrayal and know who is guilty for the deception.

Reuters: Geithner: Reform Social Security but keep benefits

REUTERS: Phony Social Security reform arguments: When will media get it?

Stop crying "fire" in the Social Security theater
February 16, 2010 — Kudos to Mark Miller, a contributor to Reuters’s Prism Money blog, for his post Monday morning calling out NPR, the Associated Press, and NBC’s David Gregory for perpetuating the misleading idea that Social Security is one of the key drivers of the federal deficit. 
Thanks to the energetic efforts of deficit hawks, the notion that Social Security is a leading cause of the deficit has become part of the Beltway consensus. But, as Miller — who’s been pounding this drum for some time — points out, “the consensus is wrong, and so is much of the reporting” on this topic.
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