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The Kirk Accord – Democracy Hypocrisy

[UPDATE Below] [UPDATE II :: So who's tilting at windmills now Mr. Kirk?
[UPDATE III - Latest Installment: The Moral Failing of Conservatism]

Anyone that is following the latest events, the Rolling Revolution that is wafting over the Middle East will soon realize that what all of those people are experiencing is NOT limited to just them. We here in America suffer under the same kinds of issues. A brutal totalitarian government mere serves to emphasize the loss. The observing astute know that we too are in a state of revolution. Just not out in the streets shutting down the country. The American people thought they could bypass that requirement by voting in Barack Obama. What they didn't know, but should have known, is that he NOT one of the people and does not represent them. More and more people are beginning to see that truth and are wondering what to do to save themselves. Perhaps, they can take a lesson from the lowly Egyptian as they workout their "last-ditch" stand. Unfortunately, these despotic governments, allowed to run their full course, will see their countries destroyed before they will recognize the legitimacy of their people.

[UPDATE :: Friday, February, 11, 2011 - Latest Report from Egypt]

As of this morning, Friday, February 11, 20100, Hosni Mubarak renounced his rule of Egypt. He turned power over to the Egyptian military's Supreme Council. Based upon their latest announcements, it is their intent to move the country to elections and a civilian government. Many of the Old Guard are still there filling their entrenched institutional rolls. There are nearly 400,000 security (secret police, etc.) in that country. Are they going to respond peacefully to the will of the people? Will the “people actually get to decide”? Or have they been setup for a masterful betrayal? Depends upon how much control or influence the United States is able to wield over those people. Right now they are euphoric.

The question remains, are the Egyptian people truly FREE? Have they actually established their right as equal human beings to be recognized and accepted as a legitimate people? I can't see that happening as long as Israel dominates that region of the Earth.

The change that makes the difference, the one that leads to a shift in the "collective consciousness" starts with defeating the "fear barrier." Next come the sense of self. An inner knowing that you are valuable; that your voice equals all other voices. At that point you get control of self; you actually and truly get free. That is what happened to the a major portion of the Egyptian people that were willing to make the necessary sacrifice. They became an unstoppable force. Even President Obama recognized that reality coming from those people. Such people can never be dictated to again. No one can tell them how to think or what to believe; that they are incapable or not ready to take control of their lives. Out of respect for their value you provide the credible information and then they decide.

As many of you that follow local blogs know, Eric Kirk, is the author, editor and chief honcho, and by word and deed he has defined himself supreme prognosticator and authority of and on all things political at his blog, SoHum Parlance II. According to some, this blogger is one of the more popular in Humboldt County. Needless to say, I follow along since he's featured on this blog's sidebar. If I was forced to define his political stance based upon what he's published, I'd say he's a proud Obama supporting, rather pragmatic Democrat. His discussions with me indicate that he is rather one-dimensional; a fundamental realist while at the same time defending the absolute rights of the people to define and judge law. In plain English that means he does NOT support “Rule of Law,” but “Rule of Man.”

This reality was never more apparent in his latest postings and comments regarding the revolution in Egypt. Here are the links, starting with latest to the oldest: 1) Here. 2) Here. 3) Here and. 4) Here

To get a real sense of his thinking and positioning you need to read the comments and pay particular attention to what he and Ernie writes. It is a real Bert and Ernie sideshow and would be funny if it wasn't so deadly. You might want to start here with Bert's (Eric) contribution.

When you read his comments you need to ask yourself if he is totally and completely behind the people and supporting their right to freely form their own government? Or is he defending and supporting the Obama government to defend, support, and finance the continuation of a despotic totalitarian brutal dictator? You'll find that he's in complete agreement with Ernie Branscomb on this issue. As far as they are concerned those juvenile Arabs, in particular the Egyptians, are not ready for something as sophisticated as Democracy. In fact you will find he thinks exactly the Vice President Omar Suleiman. He is Obama and the Jew's handpicked replacement for Mubarak. It's all laid out in The New York Times and Glenn Greenwald's "Obama's Man In Cairo."

George Bush set the American standard that apparently was to simplistic for these people to understand: “Either you're for me or you're against me.” In this age of transparency, these hypocrites are exposed and the Egyptian people see it for exactly what it is.

Glenn Greenwald's latest: The Egyptian Mirror concludes with this:
"We've eagerly sent our money and aid for decades to ensure that he wields power over Egyptians; all that's changed is that his true face has been exposed in a way that prevents us from turning away and denying what we support."

"The fact that we don't actually regret anything is compellingly demonstrated by Obama's efforts to ensure the empowerment of Egypt's new "Vice President," Omar Suleiman, who has been Mubarak's -- and our -- brutal domestic enforcer and oppressor for years.  Pragmatic arguments can of course be assembled to justify that support -- exactly the same way that support for Mubarak can be pragmatically justified.  And that's the point:  moral proclamations notwithstanding, we're not doing anything different with Egypt now.  We're doing what we've always done:  subjected the people of that region to hard-core oppression in order to advance what we perceive to be our interests (though, as 9/11 proved, that perception about self-interest is dubious in the extreme).  That behavior would almost be tolerable if we were at least honest about it, but pretending that we're so very inspired by the democratic aspirations of the Egyptian people -- all while we have long acquiesced and still acquiesce in the extermination of those aspirations -- is a bit too much to withstand.  But as long as we can keep Looking Over There to those bad people and bad things, none of these contradictions will be particularly bothersome."
Deepak Chopra has an article on this very subject. The Winter of Their Discontent: What Will the Arabs Do? He concludes,
“Throw the cards in the air; it’s anyone’s guess where they will land. In the end, what determines the fate of a society is very mysterious — the movement of collective consciousness. No one can predict when the collective will decides to change, yet once it does, its power is always unstoppable.”
It is this “unstoppable power” that I have waited a lifetime to witness.

These two local propaganda puppets, Bert and Ernie have recorded their positions for posterity. They are NOT on the side of the people, nor do they support Democracy for the Egyptians or any Arab nation. They both made that very clear in what they wrote. Such hypocrites are revealed by their actions and judged by what they do. There is a big difference between a pragmatic man and a man of principle. A fact clearly demonstrated here.

They truly and tragically represent what is going on in America today and also represent the ongoing struggle facing all Americans that believe in dignity, honor, respect, freedom and justice.

[UPDATE :: Thursday, February 10, 2011]

Informed Comment in today's "Wael Ghonim vs. Barack Obama: Change we Can Believe in, Yes we Can" puts this whole matter of people versus tyranny in proper perspective. Juan Cole:
It is no secret that President Barack Obama has been in some regards a profound disappointment to the American Left, and his erratic and often disgraceful performance on the Egypt crisis exemplifies his faults in this regard. (Tom Engelhardt puts it best regarding the administration: “It has shown itself to be weak, visibly fearful, at a loss for what to do, and always several steps behind developing events.”) Obama just seems to lack empathy with the little people and is unwilling to buck the rich and powerful, even though they all opposed his run for the presidency. As Iran’s speaker of the house put it, the Obama administration, faced with a choice of supporting the youth revolution or the camels unleashed on it, has chosen the camels. It makes a person think there should be rule that no one can run for the presidency who didn’t have a proper father figure in his or her life (Bill Clinton, W., Obama), since apparently once they get into office they start thinking the billionaires are their long-lost parent, whom they have to bend over backward to please. [Emphasis added]

Obama dealt with the Wall Street crisis by rewarding with more billions the corrupt and/or grossly incompetent financiers who threw millions of Americans out of work and out of their homes, and by appointing persons to deal with the crisis who had been among its instigators. He declined to end the abuses against the Bill of Rights of the Orwellian-named ‘PATRIOT Act,’ even though he had a Democratic House and Senate. ...
Continue reading.

[UPDATE :: Monday, February 14, 2011]

The Moral Failing of Conservatism

When it comes to RANK hypocrisy, Eric really outdoes himself with this commentary. Not that what he says isn't true, it is his inability to apply the same moral norms he preaches about "conservatives" to himself that is so revealing. Be sure to read all of the comments. They are extremely telling as well.

What he accuses the Republican Conservatives of doing, ignoring a serious and relevant issue, he turns right around and does the very same thing. By so doing he exemplifies the very issue motivating the revolutions forcing the non-elitist men and women to take desperate actions. Notice in Egypt that the Ruling Elite still have not accepted and recognized the people's right to speak for themselves. In Eric Kirk's own words: [His] "silence is truly pathetic."

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