Monday, June 20, 2011


For some days now, I was spending my free time doing things productive and beneficial. Which in my case requires, among other things, taking a news vacation. In other words no blogging, no newspapers, no emails, no computers, no TV, no radio, no fear-mongering and no imminent end of the World. So, when I began to catch-up on the latest local happenings as reported in the Times-Standard newspaper, I eventually worked my way around to one of my "favorite" Sunday word-meister's commentaries. To my surprise, after weeks of "whatever," low and behold there was FINALLY something worth reading. I am, of course, talking about Dave Stancliff's Sunday, June 12, 2011, "As It Stands: Food conspiracy of government and chemical companies grows every year" - FINALLY!

I'm not sure his string will last. Yesterday's "Remember to honor/humor Dad today, just because" said more about him then it did about Fathers (Day) or the serious lack thereof in America today than it did about him and his "slobbishness." Anyway, fathers are always good to talk about as long as you have nice, positive things to say about and, if you can, to them.

Back to Stancliff's conspiracy theory, he starts out by saying:
Who would have ever guessed a food fight would bring together the alternative health left and the Tea Party right in opposition against anything? But the Food Safety Modernization Act (S510) accomplished that feat when President Obama signed it into law on January 4th. 
Basically, the act precludes the public's right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes. 
This strange alliance of ideological enemies is not that surprising because both sides fear the total control and power government can achieve by regulating our food supply and taking away our ability to feed ourselves. [Continue... ]
Stancliff's commentary is timely and pertinent when you consider what it means to a people when they lose their right and ability to be self-sustaining - able to feed themselves. Most American's sat on their hands as the big Agra-business conglomerates, the IMF, World Bank and Free Trade Treaties gutted one nation's ability after another to feed its people. A good example of this is expanding situation involving speculator's buying up huge amounts of land used by local farmers: Harvard, Vanderbilt, Spelman Exposed for Taking Part in “African Land Grab” - A report called: “Understanding Land Investment Deals in Africa.”
[T]he report by the Oakland Institute claims farmers in Africa are being driven off their lands to make way for new industrial farming projects backed by hedge funds seeking profits and foreign countries looking for cheap food. We speak with Anuradha Mittal, the executive director of the Oakland Institute. “We have heard about the role of these private hedge funds in food speculation and speculation of food prices because they control commodities” says Mittal. “But when they start buying even the means of production, they control labor, large tracks of land, they control water, it is the kind of vertical integration of the food system we have never seen before.”
While Dave Stancliff may very well be a "Conspiracy Nut," as attested to by his many claims against me and this Report, the facts in this matter speak for themselves - Dave Stancliff has good reason to be worried.

What most people fail to understand about GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms) seed or grain is that they do not possess the ability to reproduce - they are neutered and sterile. More importantly, such parasite "food" directly threatens the food products (grain, etc.) that does reproduce. Existent life on Plane Earth, as we know it to be, is in serious jeopardy by a mutant, sterile parasite.

Dave Stancliff very aptly concludes by saying:
"Something to keep in mind: when ideological opposites unite on the same issue, such as the safety of our food chain, it's no longer about politics. It's about survival." [Emphasis added]
It is more about "survival" than he knows when "ideological opposites unite" to justify a President's personal lawlessness and crimes, protection of and impunity for bankers, banks and war profiteers. Glenn Greenwald offers some insight on how serious the threat truly is: Could Obama Be Impeached for Waging War in Libya Without Approval of Congress? 


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