Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Open Letter to the Editor - NO FAULT DRIVING

Letters to the Times-Standard
P.O. Box 3580
Eureka, CA  95502

Dear Editor:

Subject:  Time for NO FAULT DRIVING.

Your heading in the Tuesday, June 28, 2011, issue on page A2, “Collision after a missed stop sign” is symptomatic of you constantly reinforcing “assumed realities” and publishing them as truth. “MISSED STOP SIGN” and “COLLISION”?

You can try to kiss off what happened in that intersection as just another miscalculation, brain-freeze, or a Boo Boo if you want. You can even call what Eureka resident Deepak Stokes did in that intersection a “collision,” a "fender bender" or even an “accident.” I call what happened on 14th and F streets a WRECK - pure and simple.

Try calling what happened in that intersection, where they're pulling Kip Green, who was lawfully driving up the street minding his own business and threatening no one, out of his car on a backboard to the hospital, the result of a "MISSED STOP SIGN" and you assume too much. No one in Eureka stops at stop signs. Fact is, they hardly slow down. Even the Eureka Police and Sheriff's officers routinely run stop signs. When you are predisposed to NOT stop, the law and signs become irrelevant, essentially non-existent. That is, until there is a WRECK.

The normal response as assumed in this newspaper report is? Oh well. Sorry. Please forgive me. I simply "missed a stop sign." REALLY? You just assaulted that person with a deadly weapon when you failed to comply with that legal instruction and smashed into them.

Becoming predisposed to ignore the law defines one's intent as deliberate and malicious. People that deliberately and routinely run stop signs intend to cause whatever consequence their actions threaten. At that point the innocent victim is confronted with defending himself or herself against the violent assault forced upon him or her.

Maybe it's time to pull up all the stop signs, put a few roundabouts in major intersections where there are no stop lights and turn everyone loose to run amuck. At least people would not labor under the illusion they are driving with some sort of protection. Since that is what's mostly happening anyway and it certainly would take the pressure off the police and the courts - NO FAULT DRIVING.



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