Monday, July 11, 2011

Copped-Out City Council

[UPDATE Below]

That's the status of Snow White and the Three Stooges, or is it the Seven Stooges? - So says Kaci Poor writing for the Saturday, July 9, 2011, edition of the Times-Standard: Privacy vs. public's right to know --- a delicate balance.

What's "delicate" about telling the truth?

Either the people, who's rights, lives, families and property were entrusted to Garr Nielsen for four years was well placed and rightly protected or it was not. If not, then David Tyson was responsible for putting everyone's rights, lives, families and property in jeopardy and for allowing the mistrust to foment. If it was not misplaced then David Tyson's actions were irresponsible and incompetent. If so, then the current City Council is also irresponsible and incompetent if they do not fire him - cause or no cause.

Kaci Poor says that the "City officials say their hands are tied." -- "We can't let things out." Eureka Mayor Frank Jager conveniently defers his responsibility to the city attorney's opinion. Whatever "tricky balancing act" exists, it is totally of the City Council's own making. Problem is, they can't hide their votes anymore than they can hide their cop-outs.

The most telling statement in the report, aside from Linda Atkins sashay around the truth, is from Councilman Mike Newman. When obvious self-serving political and ingratiating worthless opinions rule the day you get: "[I]f members of the community wanted more information, they should ask Nielsen." He continues: "Nielsen is the only person that can shed light on it." "It" being his disputed firing, I would suppose.

Newman's remark is probably the most disengenuous statement any City Council member could make. He knows full well Garr Nielsen has absolutely no reason nor any insentive to tell the Eureka people one thing more than he's already said. What he has is every reason to politely tell them to go to hell because that is what they told him. That is the simple truth the City Council and David Tyson knows - Garr Nielsen owes the Eureka people absolutely nothing.

Of course, if the City Council wanted to reestablish their integrity to the Eureka voter they would simply own up to what they did.

[UPDATE :: Tuesday, July 12, 2011]
Forgot about HH's contribution to this subject. Be sure to read the comment section. When you get done reading what those people think, providing your constitution can handle that much crap, you'll see why the Eureka City Council members work for the city's best interests. No hidden agendas here.

Quote of the Day

July 10, 2011
“We can’t let things out.” — Eureka City Councilman Mike Newman defending the secrecy behind the city’s firing of police chief Garr Nielsen.

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