Friday, July 22, 2011

Nanny Speak or Mob Rule

Again we witness conservative ideologue believers using the Times-Standard to promote their demagogue and vitriol to divide and alienate the people of Humboldt County while their hypocrisy and duplicity is as repulsive as a pile of cat shit on your kitchen table. Progress or protest? We need to work together to move forward is classic in how these wannabe Elitist say one thing and do another. The whole My Word article by Mike Jones, Jeff Leonard, Virginia Bass, Polly Endert, Mary Beth Wolford, Connie Miller, Cherie Arkley and Nancy Flemming is nothing more that a cheap political attack on “progressive” thinking people, in particular Councilwoman Linda Atkins disguised as some Nanny Elite Dictate telling everyone what to believe, what to think and how to act. They seem to think that just because they were elected to the City Council one time or another they are all some sort of authority as God's gift to the rest of us poor, lowly, ignorant rabble, in particular the apparent lone progressive on that Council. Talk about sheep among wolves!

They, the undersigned, say at the outset of their attack: “Politics is all about compromise and working together.” They then define what they mean by “compromise and working together.” When you are all alone and don't control anything, keep your mouth shut, do what you're told, go sit in the corner and put that damned dunce hat on so everyone can see who and what you really are – stupid and ineffective.

Keep in mind, these people are not just talking to and about Councilwoman Linda Atkins, they are telling everyone else that doesn't think or believe as they do and support them and their current representatives, as a minority without standing, to SHUT UP and GO AWAY – preferably to hell.

When you read their complete statement you will find that they leave absolutely no doubt or equivocation on how they “work together.” Just like any gang of thug bullies, they threaten and intimidate by simple innuendo and mob-rule intent. The "tough cop" way works, in time, everyone knows what the bully wants and expects without a word, agree or not, everyone falls in line and justifies the bullies right to exist and make them non-human, second class citizens.  Example: They say, “Instead of working together and moving forward, we seem to have one out-of-touch city councilmember protesting and challenging most things the current city council tries to accomplish to improve our community. That's not a good place to be for Ms. Atkins if she wants be part of a progressive city council.” Who is this "we" these people speak for? If not you, then are you "out-of-touch" too? Building on the continual drumbeat that there is something wrong with her, that she's conflicted only exposes their own paranoia. How can she claim to be a “progressive” when she's is obviously NOT lining up with the REAL progressives? Poor pathetic Linda Atkins. All alone in the corner.

Example number two: their abject hypocrisy – in their defining these people as a “progressive city council.” Saying it doesn't make it so. Compromise and betrayal of one's principles is certainly NOT the high standard anyone should aspire to, unless and except from those that are without principles, decency or any moral integrity. My father used to always say: “People that live in glass houses should never throw stones.” Since they're all in the business of telling everyone else, specially those that don't agree or believe as they do and in particular, the total failure Linda Atkins, as compared to them and their class of political compatriots, that's good advice. Probably on a par to "get out of town, but don't go to Fortuna."

The only benefit to come from all of this, as I see it, is that the voters get what they want. Not always what they expected, but justified just the same. The problem is the continued effort to justify their failure to vote in decent, honest and magnanimous people to represent their best interests. (Probably because they can't find any self-respecting person.) Regardless, just because you vote for people that would have you believe they are an American Elite will not make you an Elite too. It makes you a dunce the same as them.

By the way, this quote about Nannys defines our Gang of Eight to a "T":

In Nanny's world she doesn't speak English, she uses a mangled mix of bullshit "management speak" and political/socialist double speak when communicating.
1 She is stupid.
2 She doesn't want people to understand what she is talking about, so she tries to be clever.
3 Her arguments wouldn't stand up to rigorous intellectual scrutiny if they were presented in English.
As a final observation, I'd say Ms. Atikins must be doing something right since she's got all of these people running scared. If they weren't scared none of them would of ever shown themselves in the light of day. When the full consequences of their past actions, twelve years and more, come to bear upon everyone, and they are held accountable for their actions - well, let's just say they may wish to be somewhere else at that time.

Just so the reader knows, I read and reread their statement as I wrote these observations. There are statements and issues they made that I didn't followup on since I wanted to address the tone and true purpose of their personal invective and demagoguery; causing divisions, alienation and war. Including the Times-Standard's part in promoting this class agenda.

Here's a link to another, shall we say nameless blog that has some interesting comments, mostly supporting Linda Atkins and denouncing the Gang of Eight's assault on the liberal, progressive way.

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