Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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July 5, 2011

Ha Ha Ha

How great to see the prosecutor-media hysteria complex go down to defeat, in the Casey Anthony and DSK cases. Tragically, Anderson was found guilty, like Martha Stewart, of the non-crime of fibbing to the cops. How can your enemies be entitled to what they want to hear, as they seek to destroy you, and when they have the power to lie to you legally? (Thanks to Greg Privette)
UPDATE I wonder: even if this woman were guilty, what is to be gained by turning her over to the greatest killing, torturing, and looting machine on earth, government, as if it were some moral authority? We need private judicial proceedings, restitution and not retribution, and not exaltation of the dullards and thugs who compose government. It is never right for them to judge anybody on anything.

I copied this from Lew Rockwell. I hope he doesn't mind. Ditto my sentiments.

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