Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another Blog Joins the Humbug Elitist's Club

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Above The Fold

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Well, Hello There!

This is a brand new blog gracing the cyberwaves in Northern California. We'll touch on fun community events, politics, current newsworthy topics, local history, good people doing good things in our community and oddball kitsch.  Hmmm, sounds like a blog that used to kick around these parts back in the day.  This time, it's a duo with female and male perspectives.  Look out, it's sure to be quite colorful on occasion.  Thanks for checking us out!

The Editors
(No, we don't really have newspaper journalism backgrounds, but we find the premise fun for a blog.)

You can always tell one of these Humbuggers by the people they link up with as well as those that they do NOT link to. The complete list is over on the Humboldt Herald.

My Blog List

I'm not sure Heraldo's comment about Ross Rowley and Ms. Sterious: "Bookmark the link to find out whether brown bread, fake cheese and other questionable food-like items will play a role in Above the Fold" is an epithet or an epitaph. --- PS. Did you read any of the comments? Rather validates the "club," I'd say.
[UPDATE] To anyone that's interested, I let "Anonymous" comment on this blog. You want to use foul language, post an ID, Heraldo.

[UPDATE :: Sunday, August 21, 2011]

A new blog from far, far SoHum just came to my attention that deserves to be lumped into the group: "jendocino" - Take a look at her list of blogs and you can begin to see how this group comes together.

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