Thursday, August 4, 2011

Long-standing Tradition – For What That's Worth

Bullshit Traditions
The Times-Standard Editor's assert their tradition of “printing My Word Opinions, including those submitted by a group of individuals.” Thus justifying their July 22, 2011, printing by Eight former Eureka Council members including one former Mayor. I wrote about what the Times-Standard Editors were doing publishing this rhetorical demagog when I made the following observation in Nanny Speak or Mob Rule:
“Again we witness conservative ideologue believers using the Times-Standard to promote their demagogue and vitriol to divide and alienate the people of Humboldt County while their hypocrisy and duplicity is as repulsive as a pile of cat shit on your kitchen table. “Progress or protest? We need to work together to move forward” is classic in how these wannabe Elitist say one thing and do another.”
On, Wednesday, August 3, 2011, My Word commentary by Judy Hodgson, publisher and co-owner of the North Coast Journal responds to the Gang of Eight's attack on her paper in: An error and omission in former Eureka officials' My Word pieceThe “omission” is that none of the eight signees of that My Word: Progress or protest? We need to work together to move forward was written by either of them. Yet the newspaper printed their “opinion” as if they had. In response to Judy Hodgson the Editor says:
Editor's note: The Times-Standard has a long-standing tradition of printing My Word opinions, including those submitted by a group of individuals. As with all My Word pieces, each of the signers was called and each verified that they were signing on as an author of the submission.” [Emphasis added]
So, now, do we add to the list such characteristics as deviate, untruthful, deceptive, misrepresentation, or just plain, flat-out liars? Which brings me to the Times-Standard propensity to publish these kinds of letters, My Word and other Opinions including Dave Stancliff's As It Stands that purport authenticity and legitimacy based upon, as we can see here, an assumed fact or truth that is in reality merely someone's unsubstantiated and nonfactual belief.

Judy Hodgson asserts: "So the source was none of the eight signers." If what the Times-Standard Editors say is the truth, then those eight individuals lied. If not, then the Editor's lied. Either way, the credibility of one or both are suspect. So much for publishing half-truths, lies, hate, demagoguery and racist bigotry – disguised as so-called free speech.

NOTE: Humboldt Herald's latest comments.

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