Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fair Is For Fools

Yep! Just like I figured, Eureka California has a new police chief. The Eureka City Council on October 1, 2013, voted UNANIMOUSLY to hire Andrew G. Mills. What does he get? Well, first he get Murl Harpham's leftovers to choke on. And second, he gets $142,500 a year, plus whatever else we don't know about.

The question is what do the taxpaying property owners of Eureka, the people that finance all of this high-powered policing, get for their money? Do they get a police department that is responsive to their needs? Do they enforce the law or do they strut around and act Harpham-Style "tough"?

Whatever they do you can blame the people in this picture. Yeah! All those highbinders cheering on the rubber-stamping. They are the ones responsible for whatever happens and they are the ones to be held accountable - if that's ever possible.

Am I being "fair" to this new hiree? Do we, the tax-paying property owners and business people of Eureka owe this guy, just to be "fair," time to prove himself? Maybe, but I, personally don't know a damned thing about him one way or another, and that's the problem. All anyone knows is whatever the most worthless opinion is of the local power-mongers that cares to share. And we all know what that's worth... A pig in a poke.

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