Thursday, October 10, 2013

Worth The Cost?

You tell me.

Every decent, law-abiding citizen in Eureka, if not Humboldt County, should be offended and OUTRAGED - Murl Harpham's ingratiating nonsense not withstanding. Are we in Iraq or Afghanistan where everyone is suspected of being a terrorist or a terrorist supporter? What's next? An Abrams tank? I wouldn't be surprised if they were already using drones.

The priority here is obvious and it has nothing to do with policing a peaceful civilian population. This is a flagrant, in-your-face accusation of violent criminal intent against everyone. The police already operate like a Special Forces Commando Unit now. Just look at how the Federal Government has co-oped the police with their variation called SWAT. Almost everything they do requires escalating violence into the mix. When was the last time anyone can recall the police confronting a gang of marijuana growers protecting their gardens armed with heavy weapons and RPGs (Rocked-Propelled Grenades). What does the Times-Standard newspaper say about the monstrosity? It is a "mine resistant, ambush protected vehicle-known as an MRAP." Violence pours out of that vehicle's every pore.

The priority here is police protection at whatever cost, when it should be protecting the general population at every cost. Have you had to call of the EPD for assistance in some matter or report a crime lately? You take your life in your own hands when you do. It seems like everyone that does not wear a badge and carry a gun is either treated like a suspect or a violent criminal. Bringing this military monstrosity into Eureka couldn't make that statement anymore vivid and real if they wanted. Murl Harpham's "Tough Cop" philosophy is carried to an extreme. Is this the symbol of the new Eureka Police Department?


  1. These vehicles are being spread throughout the country. Mid Tn has at least 6 for some of the bigger cities. There are 60 applicants waiting in line to get theirs.

    Some guy got up in front of the Murfreesboro city council and asked them to give it back. It was not worth it. Eyes were rolled and the response was ... "but it's free."

  2. That's about what would happen to me if I did the same thing here.