Sunday, October 13, 2013

UPDATE: Singled Out - Adam Laird Case

This hasn't happened yet, but based upon what I read in today's Sunday, October 13, 2013, Times-Standard news paper, I fully expect the judge to throw out the criminal complaints against former Eureka Police Sargent Adam Laird. Front page headline: "Prosecutors oppose motion to dismiss EPD assault case."

Here is a clear-cut case of Paul Gallegos and his "Prosecutors" doing things that give Laird's lawyers legal rights to have the matter dismissed. When Laird is caught red-handed and really has no legitimate defense what does the District Attorney do to protect the police? He makes a little mistake, something you can attribute to his fervor or his staff's fervor - an excusable mistake. Ultimately, there is no justice or accountability.

The problem doesn't end there. Such action is a tacit defense of these kinds of people to continue totally justified committing such crimes. As a consequence, the EPD, Murl Harpham and the District Attorney's Office and Paul Gallegos are totally without any credibility. As it is, all actually, are without any justifiable legitimacy to exist in any capacity now - they really only represent and defend one another.

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