Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Lesson In Hypocrisy - No Justice For Tommy McClain

[UPDATE :: Take a look at Eureka's morally & ethically corrupt - read the comments too.] NOTE: Be aware, the people that write this referenced blog are NOT champions of truth, transparency or law. Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills is only a symptom of the disease. He merely represents the Eureka Elite's Imperialist Ways to control and dictate. The death of that boy was initiated by the thuggish bullying of those officers to enforce their legitimacy. While Chief Mill's EPD is waging war consistent with what his predecessors did for decades on: "So….be careful Eureka. Chief Mills has made it clear. The poor, the homeless, and the downtrodden will face the new wrath of Mills EPD" it is every person that lives, works and comes into or passes through Eureka that is in mortal danger. It is NOT about "Mills EPD is about getting rid of those who don’t fit in." "Those who don't fit in" are obviously no threat to the EPD or the Eureka Elite. It IS about forcing everyone to submit to their right to enforce the law as THEY want - the way that legitimizes and protects them.

Murder is a crime. It is as simple as that. Normally criminals are arrested, charged, judged, convicted and then sentenced, or not, if found innocent. That is, unless you are a police officer.

Once again the Tuluwaa Crier spouts the euphemistic needs to deal with the contradictions, and disparities of Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mill's responses to and resolution of the police killing of Tommy McClain as expounded in their latest post based upon the article written October 9, titled, "Unanswered" in the North Coast Journal: EXPERT: “IT’S A BAD SHOOTING, PERIOD”. (THE DEATH OF TOMMY MCCLAIN).

While their observation about local interest and media coverage is spot on and works for a police chief working to absolve his officers of any crimes, they leave the serious, concerned reader rather empty. They would have the reader believe they are the only ones in Eureka that really care. Yet, while they tout the need for justice and truth this is the best they can come up with:
The only way for at least some of the truth of this murder to be brought to light is for the McClain family to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the City. Even though this Chief and the officers involved in this tragedy may never face consequences within EPD, maybe some justice can be brought forth in the civil court system. [Emphasis mine]
What happened to truth and justice through criminal prosecution of the law? Did they forget about the law? What nonsense is this, "never face consequences within EPD"? Like never get fired? Taking the matter to civil court, providing they are successful, forces the tax-paying people of Eureka to pay for this crime. Once again reinforcing police impunity in Eureka, guaranteeing more killings of innocent people. This dodge is nothing more than tacit support for Andrew Mills, the Eureka Police Department and the Eureka Status Quo. They are slick. The Tuluwaa Crier are as two-faced hypocrites as you can get.


  1. The confrontation was set up by officer Stevens. Both Stevens and Linfoot on their own instigated the occurrence That led up to the death of Tommy MCclain And with out any reasonable suspicion of illegal activity.
    When officer Stevens chose to confront Tommy in the front yard" BY HIMSELF" while sending officer Linfoot to drive by slowly. that tactic was not used because the police wanted Tommy to retreat inside it was to force him to run. Everybody knows that.
    Because At that time Officer linfoot had already stationed himself in the alley behind the house.
    Tommy did not threaten anybody he did not commit any crime nobody's life was in danger. The police are hired to maintain order, not to take possession of the streets. PLEASE. There is no justified reason for Tommy MCclain to be shot and killed like a common criminal. He was loved and now mist by so many. It was a bad decision on his part when he chose to bring a broken unloaded BB gun out side but in no way did he show it/grab/reach for when confronted by officers

  2. So, why isn't Linfoot in jail?

    Driving a marked police car by my home when I'm outside only causes me to look at them. The newspaper reports he was told to get on the ground. Kind of hard to do with your hands in the air.

  3. There's ABSOLUTELY NO reason why this matter of offices shooting is not being addressed.
    Tommy MCclain 22y was fatally shot by Eureka Police Department
    September 17th 2014

    This unfortunate occurrence hit the heart of the city. I respect law enforcement and Chief Mills they face difficult decisions protecting the general public and that takes courage.

    Although when a senseless shooting happens due to an officer's inability to rely on his training. The leaders of our district must have the courage to do what is morally right.
    consequently or unconsequently the Eureka police department have done their very best not to speak on the issue. The truth is compiled with facts. Not suspicion, assumptions or personal beliefs
    But the EPD has presented themselves in the best possible light. They have shown little concern to the victim's family or to the people of Humboldt County When accepting responsibility takes courage, there are no easy answers. But it's necessary to exhibit personal accountability
    To keep or to gain back the trust of this community

    also it's just straight crazy to allow the law enforcement agency of Humbolt to call the shots in an investigation of their own officers senselessly shooting civilians. Tommy was a victim now his family is being victimized
    And the people of humbolt county are concerned for there safety and the safety of there children .
    Sometimes standing against the wrong doing of law enforcement is more important than defeating it.
    We need someone that stands for justice to take a personal interest in this matter. And protect the people and do what is right.