Sunday, October 19, 2014

Police Chief Andrew Mills Pulls A Fast One On Eureka

Chief Mills commits Eureka to his planned method of operation for policing the city or, the whole thing was a ruse to make Eureka believe they had some say. Either way, the people of Eureka got a fast one pulled on them. At least, on the face of it, I'd say that's how it looks as recently reported by one of the participants. The North Coast Journal's Thadeus Greenson reports his austere opportunity to contribute to Eureka's betterment by accepting Chief Mills invitation to sit on and participate in the selection of and recommendations for promotion of captains from within the E.P.D. in his Saturday, October 18, 2014 "Police Promotions." A distinctive opportunity, in and of itself, that should not compromise anyone's integrity.

No mention in that article if that process involved the individual police officers or their involvement in the latest shooting death of Tommy McClain or even if that was an issue. Of note, neither was there a mention by the Tuluwaa Crybabies, Eureka's leading wannabe authority on all matters ethical, moral and just in their response: In A Deft Move, Mills Manages To Compromise The Only Reporter Questioning The Allard St Murder. They, as usual, miss the forest for the tree and managed to skew Thadeus Greenson for participating - totally missing the real issue of importance as they join Chief Mill's compromising of all Eureka residents as exposed by these people's fast one of their own. 

I've had Thadeus Greenson number for a long time. I've written about his contradictory, conflicted and compromised reporting for years. So, what's the problem with the Tuluwaa Crybabies that they are, admittedly, just now getting somewhat of a picture of his true nature? His hypocrisy rivals only theirs. Eureka's police problems have hardly anything to do with wouldbe ingratiated police captains or their buddy Thadeus Greenson. Either way Eureka, you're committed now. Whatever happens, it won't be Chief Andy Mills fault. Just as it is no one's fault but Tommy McClain's for what happened to him. Get the picture?

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