Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sad Day - Sad People In Eureka

[UPDATE :: Really Sad & Sick] Classic bully tactic: Blame the Victim, compliments of EPD Chief Mills. (I just love it when I'm right - and I usually always am.)

Where is the outrage? Where are the demonstrations? Where is the demand for justice? Where are the hard questions? When it comes to the death of 22 year old Tommy McClain over a toy gun the whole population has gone off hiding in the hills. The newspapers say nothing, no one writes letters to the newspapers, or expresses any outrage on the local blogs. Aside from the straight-line “press release” reporting of a couple of local blogs duplicating the Times-Standard newspaper rendition, I've only found a couple of rather blasé, if not status quo postings, their names are listed in previous postings. A goodly portion of the comments on those blogs explains why there is no outrage. One calloused and differential commentor summed it up like this: “Sometimes bad things happen.” And that's that... 

Yesterday, after reading the headline report in the Times-Standard newspaper, “Chief: Facts Support Officers' Actions,” I easily formulated what I wanted to write. To say the least, I was angry – angry at the sickness that permeates this town – and I'm not talking about the Eureka Police Department or the new Police Chief, Andrew Mills. I'm talking about the people of Eureka embracing the previous Police Chief Murl Harpham's philosophy of “tough cop” thuggery that motivates and permeates almost all police action as a matter of standard policy. And that is just REALLY sad.

Sad, because these are the visible symptoms of a form of cancer or ebola that is devouring the life of this community and threatens us all. Yeah! “Sometimes bad things (do) happen.” And when you do not enforce justice and eradicate the lawless corruption and the “incompetence” bad things happen to you and your family, not to mention, everyone else. Apparently, that's okay with most everyone.

I received a query from Tommy McClain's family the other day, before Andrew Mill's Wednesday, October 1, 2014 farce. For me, my comment in response just about says it all. Here are the two postings:
Nikki: thank you for following this we are angry and want answers for tommy. please feel free to message me with your ideas about what we should do. no one seems to really know what to do. Nikki Mottern

Me: Nikki, appreciate your post. An email address would have helped. 
I know what I would do, what I've done, but that's me. The first thing you must do to get control is accept reality for what it is. I know you believe in and trust our system of government, respect its authority and hope, in the end, justice will prevail. The “answers” you seek are NOT for Tommy, they are for everyone. That's what I mean by accepting reality. Until then, the criminals have the upper hand. 
The problem is, there may be nothing that you can do about “answers.” You can fight for justice and see that the law is enforced. In so doing, hopefully, you will have a lot of community support. I know you have mine. Where is the District Attorney, the State and Federal Attorneys General? Where are the people of Eureka? Everyone needs transparency; we need to know what is happening. Make available to the newspapers what is and is not forthcoming from the EPD and Mills.  
We, the people of America and this planet are at war. Not some bogus war on terror in a far away land, but with the One Percent that owns and controls the Governments and their militarized police that have abrogated all law with their impunity. In war people, good people, die. Accept that fact and you will adjust your thinking and actions accordingly; in other words, you will know what to do. I wish you much success.

[UPDATE :: NO Outrage Here]

Why Eureka is sick, socially, morally, ethically, religiously and politically. This empty thesis from a commenter, while somewhat valid, is a poor excuse for a socially and ethically driven blog. These people, the so-called Examiner "staff" and their cadre of commenters exhibit the same characteristics that caused that boys death. They summarily execute anyone they want that has the misfortune to comment on their blog and does not do or say what they want no matter the reason, just like those cops did that night to Tommy McClain. They enforce the same egotistical, arrogant Imperialistic mentality as the EPD - Immediately do what you are told or die. That's why this posting by “Not a native” is mostly a sham: THE KILLING OF TOMMY MCCLAIN; NO, WE WON’T BE QUIET and in its own way justifies what I said. Couldn't be any more explicit than in the comments. Where is the OUTRAGE? What some of these people say is OUTRAGEOUS!
Joe says: The only actual, real "threat" the boy posed is the one that existed solely in the minds of those paranoid police officers. He had no deadly weapon in his hand. He did not demonstrate any intent to threaten; he wasn't pointing a toy gun at anyone. He was shot, NOT for what he DID, but for what those sick cops thought or believed; their worthless opinions conjured up in their minds. And that is the danger we are all threatened with. Not what you are actually doing, but what these cops "think" you are doing.
So, now you know the sick reason why the boy was really killed and what's really going on in Eureka. If you are not scared to death of these people, you should be. Your life hangs in the balance.

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