Saturday, April 19, 2008

Black Friday

On Saturday, April 19, 2008 the Times-Standard headlined: "Growing pains for Eureka police?" - "Public airing of differences shows challenges for department." NONSENSE!

When Joe first read about the City Counsel meeting back on April 4 his first reaction was, "What's the matter with these people (police "whiny bitchers")? Don't they understand that the City Counsel hired the very person they wanted for the job they wanted in the first place? He mused, "These are not very bright people, that's for sure!" How could they honestly expect the City Counsel to repudiate themselves? All they did by going to that meeting like they did and complaining the way they did was put it right back on the City Counsel for doing a lousy job. And, they expected the Counsel to go along with that? Admit that they made a mistake? NONSENSE!

What is it they say? You never put the man under the gun unless your able, willing and capable of pulling the trigger. We certainly know who that person is. What does the paper say? "people on both sides of the issues insist the force is intent on mending fences, rebuilding bridges and putting its best foot forward." NONSENSE.

The most telling bit of information in this article has to be this quote from Councilman Chris Kerrigan: "I think tonight's decision is really about supporting the direction of the department." Apparently everyone, including the general public and most importantly the Eureka Police Department are clueless about that "direction." Obviously Chief Garr Nielsen has a very clear understanding of the "direction" he intends to take the Eureka Police Department. Perhaps the community, despite some of he more virulent cheerleaders encouragement, is getting a hint as to what they can expect next.

Need Joe say anymore?

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