Saturday, April 5, 2008

"You shall reap what you sow."

Shades of Hermann Goering, Heinrich Himmler and the Nazi Gestapo!

Are we looking at the local police being used as a political police force? Are some of the lessons of survival taught and learned in Iraq coming home to Humboldt County?

This post was going to be about the Times Standard article posted March 21, 2008, "EPD to install cameras on dashboards" with the enclosed picture of someone holding a Taser gun. The caption said: ""Eureka Police Chief Garr Nielsen wants every EPD officer have a Taser gun and believes it is an important non-lethal tool." Are we supposed to understand that his "beliefs" make that a true statement? First, Taser guns are instruments of torture. They are used to produce the same results, voluntary submission and compliance to victims that cannot defend themselves. The true purpose and use of torture is to terrorize. Who are the police trying to terrorize, criminals? Hardly! Second, they are proven to be LETHAL!

As bad as that is, sadly Thadeus Greenson wrote that nonsense (important non-lethal tool) and the Times-Standard printed it.

Anyone old enough to remember two very powerful men by the name of Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin should also remember how they came to power. If not, read in The Eureka Reporter, Council Votes To Keep Chief," and "County code enforcement actions draws hundreds," the one that starts out by saying, "This is not a war zone."

Also, the Times-Standard, "Police anger at chief surfaces." I guess Mr. Greenson or someone else at the Times-Standard couldn't find the wherewithal to cover the police action in Southern Humboldt Friday, April 4.

If anyone "believes" for even a second that what the police are doing is to "enforce code" or ferret out marijuana growers they need to rethink their beliefs. Furthermore, if everyone that attended that meeting "believed" that their democratic government actually worked, justifying their presence and participation, they can join the millions of long dead that thought the same. All you did at that meeting was identify themselves. Don't believe me? Read what your fearless Supervisor Roger Rodoni said when confronted, "Community Development Services Director Kirk Girard and Interim county counsel Wendy Chaitin who could bes adress many of the people's concerns." If so, then why didn't he see to it that they were there to answer the questions he was either incapable or unwilling to answer. Nothing more than a smoke-blowing session.

Stalin and Hitler had support. Their ways worked. They learned from each other. They re-defined the laws and Constitutions in little ways, at first. When they excused away their crimes because of some supposed need, they set precedents. Similarly, those that gave them a pass were people that wanted to help bring peace, stability and prosperity to their businesses, communities and country. Torture, concentration camps and aggressive war and occupation for self-serving reasons was okay with them. They setup special funds, foundations and organizations to contribute; they bought protection. One of the first things Garr Nielsen did was setup the Eureka Police Foundation. Seemed innocent enough, right?

The people in the "Garberville-area," specially the one that said, "This is not a war zone" need to take a hard look at reality! There are people in this Humboldt community that know better and they are dealing with you. They're not fooling around with Taser guns, though. Those lads have real guns! The question is, are you going to wait until they drag you out of your home in the middle of the night and shoot you in the head right in front of your families because your neighbor says your a threat? That's what the German and Russian police did. - ( )

What goes around comes around.

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