Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good Faith Gatekeepers

Or, The Good Christian Thought Police Roll On!

Over 400 children forcibly taken from their parents because the State “acted in good faith”! Even though the “Texas abuse call possibly was false.” The following is from the Times-Standard under Briefly from the AP on page A5, Thursday, April 24, 2008, printed below. The complete article is listed here on the Internet:

Joe says when he was a kid he used to read about how the Communists went after the children and forcibly took them away from their abusive parents to be re-educated or learn how to think right and be a good communist. In the case of the Greek people, we'd guess they were considered a “sect,” for historically being a religious people. For those that don't know, Communism was considered a “godless” State. The traumatic experiences of those children was legendary!

What caught Joe's eye was this comment by “Texas officials and lawyers” that “even if the call was a hoax it would not affect their custody case BECAUSE THE STATE ACTED IN GOOD FAITH.” Really? How can they say that when they obviously did not verify the call before sending their para-military police onto that property. Oh, yeah, the Time-Standard ends its article with the following: “Texas' child welfare agency says its investigation has found evidence of abuse.” As if we're supposed to accept their word on that. The call was a hoax, the search was a fraud, the child abduction and imprisonment is a crime and we've got “weapons of mass” dissemination. But, they all acted in good faith!

Okay, so that's Texas, but this is Humboldt County, California: “EUREKA -- Former Eureka Police Chief David Douglas and Lt. Tony Zanotti pleaded not guilty Tuesday in Humboldt County Superior Court to charges of involuntary manslaughter stemming from their decision-making roles in the 2006 police shooting death of Cheri Lyn Moore. The two defendants were indicted Dec. 3, 2007, by a criminal grand jury, more than a year and a half after Moore's death.” You can read the rest here:

Is that going to be these guy's unprecedented argument?

Texas abuse call possibly was false

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A woman suspected
of making false abuse claims in Colorado used a telephone number that was later
used to report alleged abuse at a polygamist retreat in west Texas, according to
an affidavit made public Wednesday.

It's not yet clear whether authorities suspect Rozita
Swinton, 33, of Colorado Springs, made the calls that triggered an April 3 raid
of the compound. The arrest warrant affidavit released Wednesday says that
several calls alleging abuse there were made using several phone numbers,
including the number linked to Swinton.

The more than 400 children found at the retreat in Eldorado
are now in state custody. Texas officials and lawyers have said that even if the
call that prompted the raid turned out to be a hoax it would not affect their
custody case because the state acted in good faith.

Texas' child welfare agency says its investigation has found
evidence of abuse.

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