Monday, January 25, 2010

Boondoggles' Caboodle

This blog was started on Thursday, January 21, 2009.

Anyone that follows this blog knows that I probably get my inspiration from the newspaper -- our illustrious Times-Standard here in Eureka, California and others. I look fervantly for something of interest to carp about. I'm always on the lookout for the knee-jerk, simple-minded, and sometimes moronic opinions. I look at the Editorial, letters to the editor, local opinion writers and the nationally renouned writers' of mostly dogma, propaganda and brainwashing nonsence. We try to stay away from any personal involvement in politics and religion. We want an objective and as neutral as possible in our observations. We look for the less obvious, the defacto definitions and statements of truth -- what people do rather than what they'd like you to think they do. So, what did we find today?

First, from watching Democracy Now we got a good look at the lies and hypocricy of this country and the UN (United Nations) coming out of Haiti. The reason those people are not getting the help they desperately need -- food, water, medicine and temporary shelter is because the US and UN are deliberately not getting it to them. You can bet your last nickle, and you probably will, that if the troops in Iraq or Afgahnastan needed whatever supplies to stay alive and survive, Obama and his cadre would move heaven and earth. We had Bush's way in Katrina in New Orleans with the poor, mostly back people (from Haiti mostly?) and now Obamas' Haiti earthquake devestation. Show me the difference?

The next boondoggle came from the same program: In Landmark Campaign Finance Ruling, Supreme Court Removes Limits on Corporate Campaign Spending:
In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court rules corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money to elect and defeat candidates. One lawmaker describes it as the worst Supreme Court decision since the Dred Scott case justifying slavery.
This ruling is the Elitist's continued looting of the common American's right to participate freely in their government. They've already taken more money and actual value from the American people than any other Empire in history. Credit that to Mr. Hope why don't you?

American self-worth, the value that allows the people to believe in themselves and their country is almost bankrupt. The Arabs, China, Japan and Germany own this country. I guess this is the way the American corporations figured out how to survive this situation. Can't have a nation of liberal progressives screwing things up, you know.

Here's the latest update worth reading: What the Supreme Court got right by Glenn Greewald.

Now for the newspaper. Front page, Authorities: Arcata package contained a 'suspicious mechanical device' where our fearless, but psychotic and mostly gutless "Authorities" do everything to protect themselves at the or to the point of total rediculasness -- We got to err on safety first, you know"? -- found a "suspicious mechanical device" in a "suspicious package." RIGHT!  So the evacuate everyone with a ten mile radius and manage somehow to get the device out into the country withou evacuating hundreds more people and blow it up.

UPDATE: This is what the Times-Standard now posts on their website: 'Suspicious' package was a bicycle light'
The suspicious package that led to the evacuation of several homes and businesses in downtown Arcata turned out to be a bicycle light being returned to the place it was purchased, the Arcata Police Department said this afternoon.
 My father, a WWII combat war veteran told me that on many occasions throught the German campaign men were shot and blownup on both sides of him. He credits his survival to the grace of God. However, the closest he came to actually dying was the night a close buddy of his suffering unbeknown to anyone from battle fatigue or more commonly known today as post-traumatic stress disorder. When you look at how these traumatized police officer act, you got to know we all got more to fear from them than any "bicycle light" as they err on "safety."

My next boondoggle report was this:
"Spared the wrecking ball: Kramer Properties purchases historic Old Town building with restoration plans."
Big hurry, for what?

This next article is more positive. Getting rid of the socialistic "red-tape" is always a plus:
"Eureka reels in the red tape."
Then there's James Faulk:
"An even keel." Maybe there's more to James than meets the eye. Either way . . .
By the time I got this far and had perused some of the local news-type blogs I was sufficiently depressed. It's so easy to be so c r i t i c a l . . .

This is a new year and a new decade and we had decided to be a bit more positive in our approach. Look for the hidden truth, the not-so-obvious and always try to inspire a little thinking. But then, who needs W O R D S to inspire anyone?

Boondoggles' Caboodle Means: do useless, wasteful, or trivial work or work of little or no value done merely to look busy. And, bunch: any collection in its entirety.


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