Friday, January 29, 2010

Mr. Nice Guy

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Do you think Mr. Obama is getting it figured out that the Republicans are playing this game for keeps?

Face to face, Obama urges GOP to cooperate

Republicans question president, push back on criticism of 'party of no'

This is the MSNBC media take on the President's little GOP confab :: Luke Ressert Tweets:

RussertXM_NBC If you love American democracy, today's display by Obama and the GOP was one of the best examples of our system.

12:16pm on 1/29/2010RussertXM_NBC Obama and the GOP will replay in its entirety at 8pm on @CSPAN. Watch it, I wish Presidents had to do this weekly just like the UK.

"Best examples of our system"? Doing WHAT?

Solving problems and proving real leadership sparring like a box of feral cats?

When is Mr. Obama and his supporters going to learn, it is the Republican's Way and it is THE Republican's Way or nothing? They'll see this country destroyed before they stop trying to enforce their illegitimate and baseless beliefs.

Glenn Greenwald's article today in Salon explains why all American's have a vested interest in a President that upholds and enforces the law. Read it and weep:
Remember the illegal destruction of Iraq?

If the shoe was on the other foot -- Obama, Biden and the Democrat's that were responsible for that past 10 years, you can bet the very first thing Bush, Cheney and their Republican supporters would do coming into office would be to start and investigation in preparation for a criminal indictment and trial -- they'd be judged and awaiting their punishment by now. Instead Obama thought to perpetuate the same crimes and lead the American people on down that proverbial "garden path."


If you've got the time, this is worth reading from Chris Floyd HERE.

Blood is His Argument: Tony Blair's Gentle Cuddling at Iraq "Inquiry"PDF

Tony Blair to a million dead Iraqis, and the grieving survivors of British soldiers: Fuck you.
The scam cover-up of all "High crimes and misdemeanours."

ADDENDUM :: Saturday, January 30, 2009

I watched the Rachel Maddow Show with Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews for a two-hour replay of President Obama's Q&A with House Republicans. President Obama was impressive, even by my standards. The commentary seemed to think that Mr. Obama is on a steep learning curve and he's starting to see these people for who and what they really are. I hope so.

My problem, fear if you will, is that when he finally accepts the impossibility of rational communications with believers with a bully mentality he will make them look like impotent piss-ants. Some of these mealy-mouth people might well wish they'd kept their traps shut and tried a little bipartisan cooperation with the infidel.

ADDENDUM :: Sunday, January, 31, 2010

Another good example of why it's impossible trying to communicate with a Republican believer was demonstrated this morning by Fox News CEO Roger Ailes on ABC's This Week. Here's an excerpt:
Ailes Defends Beck’s Incendiary Rhetoric: ‘He’s Talking About Hitler And Stalin’ Killing People, So It’s ‘Accurate’
Undisputed facts and the truth just get in the way.

ADDENDUM #3 :: Sunday, January, 31, 2010

Nostalgia for Bush/Cheney radicalism
Not even the Constitution of the United States or any of it's laws stand in the way of radical Republican domination. This excerpt says it all:
How much clearer evidence can there be of how warped and extremist we've become on these matters? The express policies of the right-wing Ronald Reagan -- "applying the rule of law to terrorists"; delegitimizing Terrorists by treating them as "criminals"; and compelling the criminal prosecution of those who authorize torture -- are now considered on the Leftist fringe. Merely advocating what Reagan explicitly adopted as his policy -- "to use democracy’s most potent tool, the rule of law against" Terrorists -- is now the exclusive province of civil liberties extremists. In those rare cases when Obama does what Reagan's policy demanded in all instances and what even Bush did at times -- namely, trials and due process for accused Terrorists -- he is attacked as being "Soft on Terror" by Democrats and Republicans alike. And the mere notion that we should prosecute torturers (as Reagan bound the U.S. to do) -- or even hold them accountable in ways short of criminal proceedings -- is now the hallmark of a Far Leftist Purist. That's how far we've fallen, how extremist our political consensus has become.
[ADDENDUM #4 :: Thursday, February 11, 2010]


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