Sunday, January 17, 2010

Eureka's Shock and AW Agenda

For this reality check we have to credit Donna Tam with her honest reporting in the Sunday, January 17, 2010 Times-Standard's front page article: "Earthquake repairs on Lloyd building begin."

She reports that the "city" of Eureka in 2006, only three years ago, sued the owner of the building, built in 1915, to either "retrofit the building" or "demolish the building." To justify this "attack" the brilliant Assistant City Manager went right for the standard Shock and AW gun and used the bullet, threat to "public safety"!

According to Donna Tam, this is what the Judge found:
In 2008, the judge ruled in Squires' favor, indicating that Squires proved he was actively working on the issue, while the city could not prove that it would be able to do the repairs any faster than Squires.

”There has been no showing that, absent a catastrophic earthquake, there would be an irreparable injury to the public. The public could be protected by measures far less severe than those requested by the city,” former Humboldt County Superior Court Judge J. Michael Brown wrote in his ruling.
To hype their agenda the first thing they do when they see a couple cracks is assess $1,000,000.00 worth of damage to the building and then inconvenience as many people as they can (see the picture). The owner, says it will cost him about $3,000.00 to repair whatever damage the earthquake caused. So, who was the brilliant "city of Eureka" (engineer) person that assessed the damage at $1 million? Be interesting to know since according to Gary Bird, Eureka's emergency response spokesman, no engineer has done a "complete analysis of the building." Someone just pull that outlandish figure out of a hat?

The owner, Floyd Squires says, "They get a little carried away." Maybe that was the idea, would anyone guess?

When it comes to old buildings and prime realestate we know what Eureka's Plan is. It didn't take the Arkley's and their bank to fall in line either. When you hear these local "elected" leaders talking about saving our heritage, just know in your heart it's all smoke and mirrors. It's really all about money.

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