Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The DEVIL'S in the Details

This posting is really an update on my observations: The Bigot is Back posted below. It seems Ernie Branscomb has horned in on the discussion and brought in some others as well with his Monday, September 20, 2010, Not Fair! You going to join in the lawsuit too, Ernie?

My intent here is not for the purpose of justifying how or why I have dealt with the issue of Dave Stancliff as I did. Since his personal attacks against me and my family have escalated it seems only fair to clarify the purpose of the Joe Blow Report and why it exists. Considering the comment section along with Ernie's opinions, their bitch seems to be that they don't know who I am so they can vent their extremist demagoguery directly in my face or at my family. Or that Dave Stancliff can sue me for writing about some of his newspaper "opinions," personal public threats and demagogic vitriol. What hypocrisy! Dave Stancliff hides behind the newspaper “Opinion” writer's protection to assault and vilify at will and then accuses me of being a craven coward for not telling him who I am so he can try to hurt me and my family. It's a good thing I don't take any of this personal.

If I was interested in trying to be an egocentric bullying jerk out here in our community trying to tell everyone what is right and wrong and how to think and believe, I'd be the first one to post my picture and display my name. Joe Blow of the Joe Blow Report is hardly “anonymous.” Anytime I post a comment on any blog or website I am identified by name and picture. The issues raised on my blog stand on their own merit. As yet, all anyone does, when they don't like what's written is call me names and make bucket's full of unproven and unsubstantiated accusations. In all of Ernie Branscomb's 1,084 words in his “Not Fair!” opinion, NOT one word took issue with what I said or the issues I raised about the extremist rhetoric assaulting Law. This is the best Ernie could do, make a personal accusation, “To have “Joe Blow” openly taunting him, from behind his cowards curtain of anonymousness, seems to be patently unfair. ” Where's the “taunt” Branscomb? Is that all you know how to do, make unproven or unsubstantiated accusations. This is nothing more than a personal attack on the messenger. This is exactly why I tried to keep “ME” out of the fray, to avoid this very issue.

Apparently according to Ernie, and others, it's okay for Dave Stancliff to “taunt” me when it serves his or their interests. Dave Stancliff changed the rules when he got personal with his threats and ad homonym vitriolic diatribe. So, for those of you that can't quite figure all of this out, when he wrote this last piece and said the things he did, he self-defined himself as a neurotic “bigot” among other things. Since he made sure we are talking about one another and NOT what we say or what he got published in the very public newspaper, I made the simple observation.

Unlike Ernie Branscomb or Dave Stancliff, I don't write or blog to try to justify who or what I am in this life; why I exist. I don't need people to agree with my worthless opinions nor do I need to justify my legitimate right to exist as a person by telling everyone that doesn't agree with me how to think, act and believe. Ernie Branscomb, Dave Stancliff and everyone else that has joined in on their vitriolic diatribe are simply nothing more than blue ribbon hypocrites. Stancliff can personally threaten me and my family, call me every insulting, despicable and disgusting name in the book, rant like a neurotic extremist all over the Internet, and that's just fine with everyone. Let me point out some differing points of view regarding what he “wrote” and I'm a quivering coward “taunting” a poor, sensitive, emotionally fraught little sick Davey.

In all fairness, all of you people, with some rare exceptions, need to grow up and start taking some responsibility for what you say and do. Did I or Joe Blow asked any of you to read my blog? Did I ask you, Ernie Branscomb, to “swallow” anything? I DID NOT come on any of your blogs, or forum boards and say one word to any of you about this issue regarding Dave Stancliff's newspaper “opinion” article. Nor have I personally gone to any one of you and tried to turn your opinion against him or campaigned to get him out of the newspaper for what he's publicly done this past year to discredit himself. I pay for that Times-Standard newspaper I get everyday and I support some of their local advertisers. That gives me the legal right to express myself about what they publish whether I read what's in it or not. No one put a gun to anyone's head, made them come to my blogs and force-fed them my blog observation. You don't agree with me? So what! What makes you think or believe I care? If you want to take issue with my observations, fine - I leave the door open. Whenever I make a comment on someone's blog, my picture is always there identifying me – you are forewarned. No one forces you to read the comment or anything I say anywhere at anytime.

People come to the Joe Blow Report to read what's written there. Absolutely no one comes to the Joe Blow Report to read what "I" wrote. The real issue confronting everyone is that a select minority want to dictate who can blog and who cannot. It is about these so-called wannabe Elitist's right to enforce their personal wills upon all others - they define who the Law benefits. These would-be Elitist scum think they are in control today. Well, they are not.

For the readers benefit, Ernie and I went to school together. I knew his family and they knew mine. If Ernie knew who I am, he'd NEVER think to accuse me of being a coward. He'd know or should remember my stand on principles, religion and bullies. I've tried to explain, that in this kind of a situation, I am doing everyone a favor by keeping these kinds of people at arms length. You get personal with me, start threatening to take me to court because I write some observations about “opinions” published in the newspaper, you threaten my family and my children's inheritance. Anyone that follows my writings should know I take life very seriously. I don't hide behind a pseudonym because I have something to hide or because I'm afraid of online bullies or even off-line bullies.

Now that takes me to this latest attack from Dave Stancliff: Blogger Alert: I’m offering a reward for exposing hate blog author. Stancliff's good at throwing around pejorative accusations, isn't he? To "hate" Stancliff, I'd have to know him, now, wouldn't I? The fact is I've never met the man. Since he's posted his picture all over the Internet, I might recognize him should our paths cross on the street. The same goes for Ernie Branscomb. While I knew him in school 60 years ago, I haven't had any dealings with him since. So, what is it I hate you two?

Be interesting to know what the reward is. You'd think that people that have experienced as much life as Stancliff and Branscomb, they would have learned by now the life works BOTH ways. In fact,this was quoted in the news today: “When a War Starts, It Knows No Limits.”

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